Eastern winds do blow hard, the old saying , a woman disguarded does get pissd.

and the pain remains

Heavy Rescue Journal

knytewolf radio logo.jpgknytewolf radio journal

So wrapped up another edition of Samcro Toew Talk Radio and was looking forward to just digesting some news and grooves from all sources including but not limited to FakeBook. So as I was looking over my FakeBook Newsfeed, saw a posting that I made earlier dealing with the subject that all groups and pages on FakeBook are up for sale. This is a true fact since I have seen countless rebadging and copies of what we form on FakeBook mostly for the entertainment and information for the Knytes-of-Dixie to the WolfPack. Even one I set up both group and page to be a companion to one set up by a friendly associate named Jenn, and her husband Jared. So then earlier during a music set of our radio show, saw someone set up a group called Rebels Outlaws and Bikers. Okay, but its just someone else attempting to copy…

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