Never, ever underestimate the obscure

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Never underestimate the obscure, since it may just be the thing, or it that will be a future disrupter. Here’s an example;. there is a pain relieving medication on the market most usually available at retailers with roots in the land of Dixie. Namely Walmart and/or Walgreen’s Pharmacies. The product is called Goody’s Powders, 

goodys Quite obscure from many including the more wee to do retailers, yet it will out power every single product of its nature on the shelf. Had a friend at our local food store here in Wendell Idaho the other day with a terrible headache, so I mentioned Goody’s, she had never heard of the product, so I told her to sit tight, went home here grabbed the box and went back to Simerly’s, she took one, 15 seconds she had no headache. Yet because some blind, and bribed marketing and or sales person, needing to peddle the other major brands never considers there is something better. Another example; a few years ago now there was a soft drink out there called DewShine, kind of a mix of Mountain Dew and Sprite. I tasted some once caught for the need to relieve thirst and not wanting any more Coke or Pepsi. It was DewShine, it became an obsession. The stuff was good. It was never offered as a fountain dispensed product, was never hardly publicized yet it was by far the best stuff on the planet. Of course there is us and I’d be short on my duty if I didn’t mention us here at HazzardAyre Radio. Which has spawned every kind of specialty rdio show and targeted radio program from SamcroMC Radio, to Talking Toew Radio. When we fired for the first time in 2011 after a few years of most of us in the Iron Knytes Association had retired or just needing a push back moment, we brought HazzardAyre Radio to life. Little did we know that HazzardAyre which is a amalgamation of all things Dukes-of-Hazzard/ Southern Confederate Culture radio with that of military aviation enthusiasts radio, would ultimately ascend to the altitudes it has. The mere radio show has grown into its own life as a major radio/TV regional network. Yet like many things especially with these new milillenials you need to hold them by their little paws and leed them to the food, kinda like showing a house cat where to go potty. Yet despite those that would cross off their lists us, we seem to keep growing. Of course for the really small business we offer what few can or do. The absolute lowest per ad, per month ad rate in broadcasting, $100.00 a month, puts any small business’s message on the air and on the air online, no matter how many airings per month its ran. Why? The same reason we put HazzardAyre Radio on the air in the first place. Many of the members of the Iron Knytes Association are small business’s as well. From small repair shops, cafe’s, towing services etc, in today’s business climate, how many can afford $2,000.00 a month advertising that never targets those who would buy product or service? Example, a biker friend of mine who runs Steel Horse in Jerome Idaho, was telling me how last year ran near $3k in advertising with Kim Lee’s station’s in Rupert/Burley, and that , had hurt him not increased his business. Who that listens to that mundane set of stations of Kim’s is going to buy anything from a shop of leathers and ridding threads in Jerome. No body. Yet for the same $100.00 a month Steel Horse could have been in the windshield of every biker in about 4 states. Reason? He did not know of us yet. He does now. Yet like many of us with rent, utilities, fuel, and input needs, those costs go up yet income traffic declines. Reason many small business’s and retailers do not know there is a low cost alternative. Mainly us, here at HazzardAyre Radio. In short and I hate to repeat this but I will; warning 1

See ya’ll on the radio at midnight Hazzard Standard Time.

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