In the world of Artificial Intelligence have we evolved really?

Heavy Rescue Journal

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In the world our world where things powered by artificial intelligence which is on its own far from being anywhere near intelligent. Example, damn computers can’t even remember passwords, so since we can’t always do so, we have to go through a ton of manure just to reset the damn thing. Here lately I’ve been doing that a lot. Just about every time I have everything set, bang find someone or something has been snooping around. Only to find that I have to reset the thing. Can’t wait for iris identity technology, hook up a mini cam to the computer, let it scan your eye iris that identifies you and your in operation. Make that all over the net. Sure photo recognition is good, but iris ID’s? Well can’t change that and yours is 110% yours and not like anyone elses. So went to Church yesterday, back to MY Ward…

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