Some times you need to not just look at the body, but look under the hood and take it for a test drive.

motr logorrj hedder

So today started out like a typical stress filled day. Tower link was down, out on the western desert so went to fix that, got back caught a few winks, then got up to greet Kathleen and her crew. I thought it was just going to be Kathleen , but I was really inspired and relaxed around all of them. What surprised me was when they told me to take off my shoes. Normall in a business conference its me trying to get the shoes off of anything feminine that is in the meeting. So they got out these oils and such, one was massaging my tootsies with this stuff, immediately the swelling in my feet was reducing. This one said she saw bruizing on the under parts of my feet, something I never noticed, course I never look under my feet except bathing and even then it all looked normal. Gone is the swelling, the bruizing and pain. Then we got to chatting about the radio op here, Kathleen wants to get involved and I think at least one of the other ladies of Kathleen’s crew does too. Who says you have to have a gal that is size 7 and blonde to get the thing done? This is what we in business calls networking, only on a much smaller more intimate level. I just hope they both understand the time and all committment it takes to produce quality , not mass, kick out the door radio. This however is what is really melloing my brain. The radio gig from act 1 back in 1976 has been inspired by and through Heavenly Father. Just about every time I have thought about pushing back from that table, God has put me back in. It happened in 1978 just before I got LexiBelle, 0616071536 he said build a radio network for tow truck owner operators, not just truckers and bikers. So in 1980 the start of KTOW FM went into gear. By 1983 shortly after my Mom passed on KTOW FM and the original Maximum Overdrive Radio was kicking assphault all up and down the Interstate. In 1989 we launched Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio essentially Maximum Overdrive with a Dukes-of-Hazzard fight the system southern fried kick to it. In 1993 with Robin Whittaker by my side we launched Highway Hooker Radio the only show on any station in the nation for those of us who tow, trying to make a buck driving a tow truck. By 2008 I was all but done doing the radio thing, just wanted to kick back and build custom bikes, but circumstances moved me to Gooding, Mirinda got me back into radio, and Erin kept me there until Rick Strickland put the brakes on. I was done with it all, but God was not done with me doing it. So I was hit in the head by a bolt of energy, putting Hazzard County together with Ayre(air)Wolf and HazzardAyre Radio was born wasn’t long after that, that Amanda and a few other sweethearts Helped me gather resources and we launched a regional network in 2012, out of an old shanty in Heyburn Idaho. Over many months after I was in it, but more into just a hobby, until one night sitting on the pooper outside our shop west of Burley, a voice said do radio, and wouldn’t ya’ll know it, the reading material I had to inspire my bowels was a trade newsletter of and about radio. In 2013 in Twin Falls, through some gal I discovered a control console, old but workable, the price? Two 24 packs of barley pop, and a carton of smokes. Then Got together with a rider who for his day job, and from there to Woods Cross Utah it went. In 2014 I relocated to Evanston Wyoming , there was some resistance from our Bishop there to help retrieve LexiBelle from Twin Falls, but and Bishops pray and consult a lot when they make big decisions, so $2k of Church funds and a couple of helpers from our Ward and KEVA/KSOA was on the air from Evanstion Wyoming, we eventually retired KEVA and resumed that as KDXD AM. What it gets to is this, there is a dedication by myself and the Knytes-of-Dixie as well as the Iron Knytes Association to build even stronger a nationwide network of small radio stations to inspire, educate, stimulate and activate every trucker, biker, tow trucker, and aviator, with radio that is way out of the box not afraid of some square minded people, but that is really independent. With Kathleen and her crews help now I truly feel Heavenly Father has stepped in once again, this op is good for them and good for me more over the Knytes. We will be on air just after midnight, as Monday nights from 6pm to 11pm is the time we do equipment and system egineering and repair. Oh and one last thing. While those oils and such Kathleen and all rubbed all over me are aeromatic and all, they don’t taste very good, eating a pizza with that oil on your fingers is kinda a bad mix. 

 Catch you all on the Radio at 01;00 hours that’s 1AM for you none military folks out there.

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