The great , the rebel and the reality all twains do not always meet

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When creating substance from an empty or near empty space you look to fill that with the finest of ingredients that you can find. In the demographic of production agriculture you look for the most productive fields you can find, plant the best seeds, let the seed germinate, with lots of cultivation, and care, in this way you are pretty sure of a good yield. If you plant the seed in bad ground, no matter how much you cultivate, furtilize and enrich it it still will not grow. Okay lets go to what this hazz to do with the current of things Confederate Star/HazzardAyre Radio.

The other day I had the grandest ability to unite and begin to assemble a great operational and creation team. Someone that was a LDS Church Ward that I was supposed to attend’s Sisters and so on is someone that I trust. Few people do I trust. A few of her friends entered in and gave me a great pitch, and the chance to as a slight sideline sell a essential oils health product or group of products. So far on target. But the reason my behind is still planted in Western Idaho, is still Confederate Star/HazzardAyre Media. I’m firmly convinced that what that all is based on, why it was created and why its importance is required is still sound. After all Yankees, and northerner’s are no smarter now that they were in 1865. Once they are convinced and educated , the need to stimulate them into action is the other thing. With that said there is a point at which dreams and desires, collide with reality, some days that collision is severe and a serious sudden immediate impact. The bottom line, is the bottom line is money. Where is the money coming from to grease the wheels of our commerce? Selling an essential Oil’s health product is one thing, but where is the money coming from to keep the lights on at the station? Where is the money coming from to power up the Internet Studio/ Transmission system? Where is the money coming from to pay my car payment, my rent? It’s at that point you need to look inwards and say am I in the right place to do this, or as in reference is this field fertile enough to plant the seed? In years ago, The Federal Communications Commission had the requirement that your radio station studios had to be in the same town or within 20 miles of the transmitter or place of signal generation. With the decreasing talent availabilty, the Internet enabling electronic filing of FCC forms, it was proposed in 2014 to remove the location requirement, it took until 2017 to make that reality. In November 2017 the only requirement was a small building, internet connection mini computer and the point of generation such as transmitter/tower. The production and real studios could be anywhere, at least where the talent and other resources are available, the example; Confederate Star/HazzardAyre’s studio’s could easily be in metro Utah or even as close as either Pocatello/Boise, while the transmitter can remain out on Bell rapids bordering Soldier Creek. Human resource requirments are reduced to just one person to go in where the remote terminal is at make sure there’s no fire, and leave. So I’m at a point now thinking if something doesn’t jump quick in between the start of April to the anniversary of my lease on this little house, the remote building gets built, one of the Knytes checks it, while I get my butt where this operation gets improved and enhanced with greater human and income resources.

I’m all, into this Do(h)terra product, if I’m working that there needs to be some vitamins fed to it. Is the corporate side of the product willing to pony up say $300.00 a month to get the word out about it on the airewaves of Confederate-Star/HazzardAyre Radio/TV? If they did that, and the individual distributors paying $100.00 a month with unlimited airings of the ad, if just 30 of those ponied up that $100.00 the bills are paid, my burden is lifted and I can grow this seed. Without that kind of support, the Knytes-of-Dixie/Hazzard County Knytes, are going to look at it with a raised eye brow. To put this into biblical terms, and its a parable of Jesus Christ’s , He said, Building you faith on him is like that of the man who builds his house on rock, where it has a solid, foundation, without building your future on Jesus Christ, you are building your house on very sandy, and not so solid of a foundation. I like building the foundation on solid rock, rather than not so solid sandy soil. 

The decision is three fold, one found 3 possible locations one of which makes the most sense in Jerome Idaho. Next to Walmart there. Not in a small bedroom, in an even smaller house in Wendell Idaho, basing future  human resources requirements on a population base of 60,000 people, considering both Twin Falls as well as Jerome’s, against the limited population base of just maybe 5,000 people considering the towns of Hagerman, Wendell and Gooding.

More on HazzardAyre Radio Thursday, starting at noon Hazzard Standard Time.

See you then.

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