Sucess doesn’t happen in a vaccum , Things do work well when you can share the heavy lifting.

motr logomaxo radio journal

Monday morning 02:00 and here I am in front of mini mouse instead of old Mable doing a Maximum Overdrive Radio show. Why ain’t I? Simple Computer diagnostic and engineering going on in the studio, so to keep outta their hair Here I do scribing on mini Mouse. Along with while very good visiting and food was way too long and couldn’t pre production done so will hit the air around 09:00. Got signed up with the do(doe)Terra outfit, Kathleen even paid for it, for me, just a real Angel, and a great mentor. Seems as though our associate Wendy, isn’t much into the radio/media thing as she originally and so too Kathleen and I as well thought, but maybe she will in time. Kathleen put up a video on FakeBook, about being an isolationist, and it reminded me of a quote from legendary radio and comedy personality Casy Kasm. Casy said” Sucess doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It takes a dedicated team, with the same or equally the same vision. If those you are assembling your entrepreneur team, it’ll never leve to tarmac. I know that Kathleen has the same focus but I don’t know if all of her family and friends have that same line of sight. Of course having a 1% Outlaw biker and entering into that world might be of a nature they are not comfortable in being in, but if we as start up or restart up entrepreneurs never left our comfort zones there wouldn’t be and new start ups. One of Kathleen’s friends is considering joining the team, she gave a talk yesterday in Church that was saying exactly the same things I have been wanting to say for months. Even with that one has to be careful of selecting those we want to cohabitate with in a business.

Domestic life is a bit off, and here lately its getting more determined about it, Shelly and I are not quite seeing eye to eye, or even on the same wavelength. While I think the lovey dovey thing and thoughts are there, the foundation of a serious hubby/wifey thing hasn’t quite gotten there yet. That’s partly why I put off our wedding, the other reasons are simply to see who else is out there that’d make a better match for me, plus just from an economic financial point, I couldn’t marry anyone right now. All the love and that don’t pay bills , or the rent, or mortgage. Before say I do, gotta be a heap amount more in the cash stash first. Plus seems as though every 4th or 6th phone call from her, is of a cuss me out attitude. Sorry honey, I’m 59 years old almost. After nearly a year I’ve been through a living hell. Plus the lack of respect from Shelly to me on the phone, one does not call up the Executive VP, of a 1% MC and bytch like she does. Before I’m at the alter, at least there’s going to be a serious round of couples thearapy. 

See ya’ll at 09:00(9:00PM) .

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