Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum but sometimes the vacuum bag needs changed.

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Success may not happen or occur in a vacuum you need a dedicated team, and a optimum singular goal that everyone on that team agrees on and wants to get on board with. If you don’t have an optimum team or the goal isn’t common, then you need to change the vacuum bag. Failure to do so, is like being shot down at 60,000 and a nose dive from flying at mach 6. When you hit the pavement its going to hurt. 

At this time of night I’m usually howling through your radio or through your electronic entertainment device. Trouble is for you cyber online folks because of a flat tire with CenturyLink, and not getting the warp speed horsepower you SOL. Something that is going to be dealt with quickly in the AM in the morning. Now if that tweren’t bad enough, went to call PoohBear. Guess what? Grand old Verizon cut me off, so need to pay that off and my local LDS Bishop said no on the help with car money, so guess what? I will struggle with that Thursday. And so how the heck was your day? On the Verizon thing, never had trouble in grand Evanston with that, since I had a couple of foxes that worked at one of the Verizon stores that covered my tail on that. Internet and all yes there were glitches but I could call my gal at AllWest the next day, and she’d have the trouble dealt with pronto. Car payments? Nah never had one , the General JaXson, was paid for and my insurance bill was really small. So why the frack did I move? PoohBear couldn’t get along with Evanston, that’s in Wyoming, Two needed my birth certificate to renew my operators license, in Wyoming, the rent in my domicile was equal nearly to the rent I pay for this whole house, and 4, I was tired of the deep freeze cold there. Added attractions, was a promised super bandwidth Internet/TV from Cable-One, what Cable-One’s sales guru didn’t tell me was that for what I really needed to fly at warp speed was near $500.00 a month and by late August 2017 they wanted 3 months in advance. Really? I don’t make that much, even with PoohBear’s help. So that went sour, next CenturyLink promised a symetrical connection of 20/20, that didn’t happen until mid February 2018 and even then it was through the threat of me taking legal action, along with the so called complimentry service I was to get for the three months it took to engineer the system, which operates good for 80% of the time, does any of these big companies do what they say or say what they mean? Needless to say some words are going to be spoken. Then of course there is our staffing problem. Yes Kathleen and family crew is mostly on board, but the ones of her friends that said they were on the train, jumped off that train. Seems one has a job now at a nursing home, the other’s hubby fracked up his back and one that I thought would be comfortable here, is further out in space than even PoohBear. Then of course and I swear by this stuff. The DoTerra, natural oils. Now besides their guide of what these things will do I have found others. One is a mixture of their Tangerine and Lemon, that when applied lightly on private parts is equal to a Binaca blast. Now for those not in the know, a Binaca Blast is, spraying your mouth especually the tongue with Binaca breath spray. This makes oral copulation a whole lot more invigurating. Especially the Cinnamon flavor. This was demonstrated on me at one of the brothels in Nevada, by this one sweet sugar named Sonny. I was one of the only customers of hers that she’d do anything without a condum. That was back in 1984 or was it 85. Any mile, Doterra mix will do the same thing. Doterra increases your libido to the ultimate stage. Doterra, the Calm oil, has vapor abilities that when put into your wash does two things, takes out the stink stinkyout of your clothes, plus as those vapors encapsulates the air around you it just produces a sweet smell, that opens your lungs. And that’s the short list. DoTerra is just one of those odd products that does what it claims, too bad CenturyLink and Cable-One can’t do the same. Hope to be back on air Friday afternoon, as well as my phone being back on, and praying I still have a ride. 


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