So at the end of the day and the start of a new one.

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So at the End of a rough day, and the start of a new one, we as those who tow for a living, fuel trucks, assign our on call people and get ready to get up and boogie. Although some’s boogie is more like a booger than a boogie. So thanks to one of the MC’s associates who lent me some green to satisfy the cell phone thing with the car cash situation pending, I’m getting ready to settle in and do a new SAMCRO TOEW Radio thing on both over the air as well as online. Stopped by Charlie’s today, he was in a better mood than usual, guess the divorce and all he’s feeling much more frisky than he used to. Guess getting out from under Jenn was a good thing, maybe that was why he was always in a bad mood before. Some women and marriages do that. o stopped by Java Bean for my Ice Coffee and sit down with Erin and this time with Emme. Seems one is expecting a new one soon, and it ain’t Nurse GoodBody. Well there goes that slim body. Both are wanting to get into DoTerra, wish my book and all would arrive. The products are great but I wonder on the Corporate structure there. The big company don’t market very well and their website needs attention. Something I’m working on, through a good websmith . Speaking of the Smith’s, seems as though Roscoe P’s other half and one of her friends is interested in the Smith Family Band, and is looking to cruise up here in a month, to meet with all concerned. Some have asked, if I can do all these grandious things, why is it that I live from check to check and even then not have enough. That started with 4 greedy people, one was the administrator of the Montgomery Foundation along with 3 other greedy real estate brokers, one of which was the county assessor at the time we are talking 1984 or so. The 4 through a big push, without my consent sold my familes house, my shop, near Hazzard for a poultry sum, which I had no knowledge of since I was doing service in the UCSMC at the time. I come home on a leave and find I have to find a place to live , place for my trucks, nearly give away all my impounds, and relocate to Boise. The move to Boise wasn’t so bad, since once I got there I started making money. Then the UCSMC called, and back into service I went. two years later find that the place there in Boise was to be torn down to make room, for a LOWES store. Move again, so moved up the street, to Eagle Idaho. Bro met Monica who was one of our production house models, got hitched and so it went. That year on my birthday took a trip to see kin folks in Pocatello. This move was on me, but met Suzi, she got a bun in the oven, and I was there to be responsible, except Suzi’s mom didn’t want her daughter to marry a Confederate. After a couple of years in active reserve status, I moved operations to Blackfoot Idaho. Again began climbing the ladder and making money. About 1989 went to the SEMA show in Lost Wages, and rolling through St. George, Utah saw a sign on a service shop called, Dixie Diesel Service and Towing. When I got home to Blackfoot rebadged my service facility as the Dixie Diesel Shop. The first performance diesel shop ever opened. Many said, just like they do of our radio station, will, yet over in nearby Aberdeen Idaho, is where BullyDog Performance Diesel systems are sold. Who is laughing now? The bottom line is simply, since my Mom and Dad passed away the Montgomery Foundation has had way too many fingers in the cookie jar, in 1995 or so Cousin Bud invested some $300 million into an Annuity from some carpetbagging swindlers out of a outfit owned in part by New York Life and Metro Insurance, when some of their execs were found to be skimming money off the top, all the assetts even those of the investors including the Montgomery Foundations got frozen. All of a sudden I went from wasting $10k a day, to SSI benefits by 2004. In between all of this I did my last stint in the 214 UCSMC and in 2005 due to a flight injury was discharged. Yet served 3 more years as a flight instructor. I earned my silver eagles and left in a way assigned service. Hitting this is simple, I live on Government money both military pension and SSI. The Knytes/SAMCRO-MC makes the money and I make a residual income from them, but its not much and is only paid twice a year. Yet all the friends, associates, and all of the Knytes?SAMCRO MC members who also have important both media and music allow me to call in favors. The only reason I do this radio thing is simple, to keep busy and have purpose. Its service to the Knytes and the causes we support, its not to and I don;t make money on it. With that said, the only reason my tow service and shop is at a stall is that LexiBelle is 450 miles away and just have not had money to go fetch it. I lost the shop in Evanston due to PoohBear having a tantraum, and stopping her dues payments, when that happened no extra cash meant no more shop. Can’t pay shop of $750 a month, and rent of my apartment there at $350.00 a month. Which was raised just before I made the decision to move. Uinta housing wasn’t about to pay the increase so I would have had to cough up nearly $800.00 a month just for a roof over my head, so discovered the house here in Wendell Idaho for $300.00 less and moved here. So I do radio for the MC and if I can help some people along the way and do part time work for Charlie so be it, but there is thing. The Knytes are taking a one last full on stampede on the radio station, with funding providing I find out of my house quarters for it. That simply means if I can’t get more human resources support as well as local matching funds support, by this time next year, I agreed with Jonny our MC’s President, that if things were as poverty stricken as they are now with the radio gig, then it’ll be that I am else where. 

More L8R Rider and Hookers,

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