Before I give big money I need to know you dang well first and Windows is a very fickle thing.

motr logobook of ayrewolf2

Good afternoon from the hangar of the WolfPack. Had some strange dreams overnight. One had me going to Boise, when there was a large snow storm blocking my way, then as I was ground flying to Utah got caught behind this tractor pulled hay wagon that was going down I-84 just outside of Snowville Utah, not really blocking my progression but delaying it somewhat. Was this a message in my brain from Heavenly Father saying stay put in troubled Wendell that my mission here ain’t quite done? So then got up and watched Big Biz TV and saw a segment dealing with being careful of who you do business with especially on a large sum amount with vendors online. Example; few months ago now, had a bid from a guy whose other half ran a FakeBook group for us riders. Said he knew all about building websites. Okay he pitched a number, a bit higher than some others but then wanted half up front. Outside of the fact I can’t promise spending Club money above $2k without a Mayhem vote and two even if I could there is not way in Heddes that I’m sending out that much money until I and our WolfPack knows you and knows you dang well. With our funds being stretched to the limit right now in getting the OTA(over-The-Air) side of HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM/Maximum-Overdrive Radio flowing to the 250k watt abilities that it should and the $6,k a day attorney’s defending our Texas crew, from the debacle in Waco, the treasury is a bit on the snarle side right now. If its something we need fine, but I best know you, before I rake out cash from our stash. And considering the crappola going on with such sites as FakeBook here lately the last thing I’m doing is trusting anyone on it that I can’t reach out and touch or have a face to face chat with in person, within 50 miles of me. That’s why I’m even in to this dOterra thing. I know for the most part the sweet and gracious family that is working with me on it. Not some off side con job from some online website. The Web was formed to enable people to exchange and research information. At its dawning it was at its core honest, then came the yankee carpetbaggers that promised everything but just stole money from innocent people, usually those from low income or elderly Senior citizens. Okay then, got my catalog from dOterra the other day, and besides the intricate healthy oils and such they offer through me in this area, a full range of products, from the oils, right to protein and healthy morning milkshakes. They offer body creams, soaps, shampoo , bought the only thing they don’t offer is shave cream, and I bet they will if not yet will soon, offer that as well. Now this kinda relates to all of that. Okay; As many of you know on many of our title headers and such there is always a gal either in go-go boots, or just the boots and or a leggy gal. Much of this started with a sister of a gal that I was hot after in about 5th grade. Her name was Janet Riggs of Layton Utah. To get close to her I used to give her foot rubs after she did her drill team practices. In essence I got a hankering for any gal in leotards and stockings that smelled good. Many people back then never understood that , but as science, progressed the understanding that anything that gave a young boy a stiffy at an early age would become a source of stimuli in the future. Hold on here this goes directly to dOterra, just stay on track. So over the years I wanted to find a method or source that gave me so much smell-em good stimuli that I’d get tired of it. Nope. However in mid 84-85 just before the Dukes was axed by CBS, our real Hazzard County Garage, wanted to do something big as far as a TV ad for the remainder of the final two seasons, and place it on our local ch-11 here. Okay so Bro and I was at this joint overnight waiting out a snow storm, picked up the local phone rag and looked to see how many snag and drag outfits was in that area. There in was an ad for a tow service out of Star Valley Wyoming that said, We don’t want your arms or legs just your tows. Over a period of months the idea of me doing a simple Cinderella kiss on a gals toes to bring into focus that we really do love going towing took hold. So countless auditions, Countless screenings and after 86 different trial and errors, mostly errors, we gained a very short few model acctress’s that took the challenge. Yet we were still considered really off the wall wanting to play with womens feet, especially toes. Now women from my experiences here, seem to not like or even allow a guy to play with their feet much less there toes. Here’s the link to dOterra. When Kathleen’s associate Wendy came over and wanted to rub oil on my feet, I didn’t think nothing of it at the time. Yet if that role play would have been me wanting to rub her toes in those oils, I’d have had the cops called on me , or at the very least thrown out of their house. Yet according to sources the male distributors of dOterra, do better in sales. I’d love to see how they get past the pervert stage of a gal allowing them to apply those oils. With that in mind understand, any time I hear how bad a person or persons, wants to get into acting or music, I ask just how bad do they want that brass ring? Are they willing to take on role playing and assignments even though it may go against even mediocure exchanges on a personal level, such as one kissing their toes? Can they off the top of their heads or minds, go beyond the normal and say , “hey if you want to kiss em its your gag reflex not mine”.  If they can’t then they’re most likely not going to be the ones that put in the time to research parts, rehearse lines, write or play or sing music, They’re going to put they’re heads in the sand, pull they’re necks into they’re shell, and never go beyond playing small paying, local gigs, community theater, etc. Then there are people like me, I live for that spotlight, I yearn and enjoy being on TV, in front of a mic, and creating to entertain and inform, whether I make a big paycheck or a tiny one, its seeing people in the audience, enjoy what your doing, hear from them that somehow they understood your performance and eventually somehow you changed their lives from a song you played or a comic bit you did. But I’m a one of in my part of this earth that yearns this; sure if I’m not on air on the radio, I build bikes, I run a tow truck business and I love flying. But its when I’m in front of that mic behind that radio console that I feel I’m making a difference, and if I have to kiss a woman’s stinky feet or toes or sell dOterra to do that, I’ll do it. 

See ya’ll later on Hazzard Knyte Live on, and on KTOW FM 105.7 Hazzard/Buhl Idaho.

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And oh yea I truly Love Toews.

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