Had a good visit with an old friend today and this is why I’m not in a good mood, oh and Hey honeys I’m home now!!

finally at peace

AyreWolf Aviation Gazzette

book of knytewolf

So the day started with a dOterra hangover headache, in that didn’t have any more samples to ingest and guess when these oils wear off gives you a slight earth crashing migraine . So 3 Goody’s Headache powders later was good. So since it was Charlie buys lunch went to Twin, whereby I showed Charlies son, the book of dOTerra and he was into the V-Shake. Once I learn how to place the orders and get a credit card scanner I can order him up some, and finalize on a few more orders. So that done, went to Walmart to snag some blank CD’s , is it just me or does it seem that Walmart employees are in bigger stores just unfriendly? You try to say howdy or make small talk and they hiss like a tabby cat in a drain pipe? Where as Stores like at Jerome, are always…

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