Wolf Log Personal WolfDate 20180626.23

AyreWolf Aviation Gazzette

Wolf Head 1Wolf Log Personal

The day is now nearly over, just finishing up things so I can slides inside your cyber radio and do some high flying ground shaking Ayre Truckin with ya’ll. That is if I can stay awake long enough. A few things interupted my sleep. First the concept of awakening me before at minimum before 09:00 is more probable than possible. but was up doing computer engineering until 05:00 after a storm the previous day took out all the power for a few minutes. Nothing big mind you, just enough to mess settings and all up. So it took most of the day Sunday just reloading files. Got a recorded show on, and will be airing that in just a few then rolling in for the overnight flight. Wonder if there is a dOterra oil thing for fevers? Seems I keep getting these, don’t know if I got bit purtty bad…

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