A gift from Heaven and decisions of life

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Last night was a grand experience. I didn’t run the radio show live over Spreaker.com but ran it Live over the air over our own and licensed ayrewaves. I have been wondering how to set things that allows income rather than paying out all the time. The assistance that Kathleen gave me in our brief counseling session that is beyond anything that I have ever received from any formal PHD mental health counselor. Kathleen isn’t scared about telling me or bringing in Heavenly Father. Granted I gave Heavenly Father a name, based on the fictional character Kahless from Star Trek canon. So just before I went on air, I requested getting a blessing from the Church. So Kathleen, and a few people from our LDS Ward came over and gave me a blessing. I have decided to just stay put and pay what I can, and bring this operation to fruition. To that it requires me to relable the network. So am reworking things including Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio, HazzardAyre Radio, Highway Hooker/Talking Toew Radio under the umbrella Southern Steele Radio Network. Which includes Television as well as radio. After this month we will be migrating our bank account from a Wyoming bank to an area bank, and stop these overdraft charges. The bottom line is I moved here to Wendell to rebuild my life and in with that, inject a motivational push to the rest of the area. Even if that requires going off air for a few months, as far as online, locating a bigger or better facility in Jerome, Buhl, or a more populus area, like Jerome or even Twin Falls, reducing the overhead cost and shifting this in a yes we’re going to do this, rather than retreat and just move for the heck of it. So what the local fuzz, wont put us on their towing call out list. Just get more business in towing, from requests, and preferance calls. 

So rather than retreat, we stay put. With Kathleen’s help, and my Shelly, and all and pull the radio media werx, from so much Knytes and shift that more as owned and operated by SAMCRO Toewing. Throw away the bad of the past and redoux this to doing things new. With that said, its my bed time. See and hear you on the air, as well as online radio on http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf. Which after this month will be http://www.spreaker.com/southernsteeleradio 


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