Everyone wants, but few want to give

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So wake up to knocking at the door, its Kathleen, with a friend who is hitched to a old associate of the Knytes, who wants to do front office work for Southern-Steele Media. Okay fine. What few can’t get absorb, is that there has to be more $’s dollars coming in than is going out or we’re loosing traction. I don’t mind doing what we’re doing here over the air as well as online when CenturyLink and Spreaker.com get along, seems that goes out more than it stays on. One would think that with so much outtages that those folks would give some sort of refund or credit on my bill, nope. Or even resume service on my front office set up, nope the idiots at CenturyLink cut that off Tuesday. Great. Not to be outdone, grand old Cable-One a year ago short two months gives me this great sales pitch that they can do all , for right at $300.00 to $400.00 a month, It was doable, so with that, and Shelly’s discourse on things Evanston I moved from Wyoming to Wendell Idaho. Whereby I meet Kathleen and hubby Steve. They’re into music, We do radio great combination. Here over the last month, when I should have been focusing on doing my exams etc to go trailer trucking with SWIFT, I’m busting nuts to complete the task of radio. So found places in and around Jerome, Idaho that will stomach the radio gig. All is well and good, but to date no income. I get small snippets of money going towing plus a bunch of calls from Evanston to go tow, seems as though I’m the only one that goes out at night there. As far as the radio gig there, we didn’t do much better but there was 5, people that coughed up the mere $100.00 a month, that $500.00 along with the combination of Shelly and I’s money going in bought shop, and kept internet albeit only slightly slower, but the station stayed on air, I had TV and people especially city hall, and all agreed with us and we were all one grand community. Sure there were the hecklers, and those out of tune but even the best country band has a few klinkers once in awhile , but we as a group and organization ran like clockwork. Housing was not as costly, didn’t have to pay extra for water and trash, had a regular doctor, and the rest of the song played out. I saw tears from Kathleen, this morning as she feels this operation is headed for the manure pile, the thing is all say, they need to see action. Great, want action? go out here get a few of those firms in the few towns here, that have deep pockets, to dig deep and cough up $100.00 a month, and you’ll see action. Just like cStraightv Arrow and a few others that did radio here in Gooding County, before me they didn’t stay, because there weren’t enough support infrastructires including ad sales to sustain it. The only reason, we last and have lasted this long is we had my families money, combined with the MC’s money to underwrite the expenses, one half of that was put to a halt simply because of a poor investment by my families foundation administrator. That said, we have stayed on air some how for nearly 41 years with no intent to quit. Sure our method of delivery is strange doing LIVE radio over Internet and all, but it gets there. Sure I’d love to be more over the air, but the city officials of Wendell have my hands tied. One would say with all these problems get out of there. Something I’m looking into and why I’m shaking hands with Jerome, and trying to hold onto the op, with Kathleen and Steve, They can commute to Jerome as easily as here in Wendell. I was supposed to go to the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas, getting in is inexpensive, $200.00 a company or $50.00 per person discounts from some of our suppliers and vendors, but hey guess what? No can go cause I can’t afford it. Fuel down and back lodging,So once again I miss the biggest and best gig in broadcasting.  There’s a $300.00 car payment, $550.00 rent, and $350.00 power bill and that’s the short list. If there was someone selling ads on the station at $10.00 per month for unlimited airings if only 20 people would buy on, that’s $2,000.00 which is the core expenses for HazzardAyre Radio and all its shows. Then to add insult to injury, I was supposed to be a SWIFT training to go trailer trucking, yes I can drive the truck, but need that CDL, which costs $3,000.00 to get done, I don’t have $3,000.00 so if SWIFT is willing to put me up in the Red Lion in Lewiston Idaho, to get that done I’m game. Was supposed to be there on the 12th of March , that didn’t happen as I was supposed to get all kinds of local support. So put it off until the 9th of April, okay with all the expenses that’s going to need be put off until May. Thinking being, $5k a month driving big truck, Shelly’s input, and all this can be made healthy again. To Kathleen and crew, instead of thinking the ends is in sight, think how can you, get locals, buy ads and offer up some venture capital, to make this move faster. Radio and life is like building a hot rod, if you want horsepower and velocity? You have to be willing to put in the effort. I can’t alone do it myself. I have 3 other operations including my own tow service and bike fix it business to do, I’m getting old, and even though the dOterra thing is sweet and all that takes time to get that water to boil. My reputation was damaged by area circumstances that I had no control over. I don’t just reach out my hand or have trust in other people except those of membership of the MC or aviation club crew. Those I know, I grew up with most of them, many of those locals here moved and have no intent on returning. Those that are here, are those that I knew like one Mark Carter. I grew up with the Carters, as well as many others, here. Some remember, some don’t want to remember. Not that they don’t, they just don’t want to. Let’s face it being one of those men of mayhem, made us the wild bunch that few of the religious Conservative restricted mindset not want to play in the same sandbox with us. Want to move quicker, go out wear out some sneaker leather and drum up sponsors, like the Angels once said, Lead, Follow, or get the hell out of the way.


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