Lets see if I can do this, and get r done

aviation club logobook of ayrewolf2

So we had our monthly meeting overnight which is why I wasn’t on air on AyreWolf fm, at least not on LIVE. We discused a lot of things including introductories from newly recruited and confirmed members. These are our new admissions into the WolfPack, and they will serve us and vice versa, good all around. Previous to that went to Kathleens to drop off a memory stick with some 411 she needs to address the sales unit of AyreWolfFM/HazzardAyre Radio. As always, Wendy applied some new dOterra oils on me, right on my head , don’t know why there but guess I’m supposed to get a burn in the top of my skull or something. Still having troubles with our Internet connection through CenturyLink, but since its Friday should get that in some sort of shape to pull together programming. Going to place a call as of 08:00. Got my Military pension money in, but by the time I paid my dues for the WolfPack, for the year, I’m at just enough to cover the streaming service that carries AyreWolfFM. With the money from Shelly, should have enough to pay, rent and just a smidge to buy Skoal and fuel. With the earnings money from the WolfPack, and my H&W, money should be okay, but its going to be really tight. My Marine pension money is now spent. SSI money comes in Thursday. got http://www.ayrewolffmradio.com registered and still putting the website for that together. Going out today on recon missions for formal operational quarters for the radio operation, and maybe something a bit cheaper on rent, than what I have now. Looking in Twin Falls, and Jerome. Kathleen was a bit distant this evening, don’t know if its the slow method of bringing the local unit of AyreWolfFM together or what, thing is I love her and her family just like they were my own kin folk, Blood kin folk. She served some highly sweetened Cinnamon rolls, that tweaked my sugar level or glucose numbers, but I’ll live, have good old Metformin and stuff from dOterra, to help align that situation. Any flyte, Body is off kelter so need to snag some zz’s, will seeya’ll on the radio at, http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 

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