Finish Line is also a starting line

motr logobook of ayrewolf2

At the end of my day, And so I get ready to shuv off this mortal coil, and enter into some place I treasure to be. This afternoon, Kathleen, got in my face. Now understand, Kathleen is about the only one on the face of this planet that I’d let get up my six like she did. However it caused me to think. In that perhaps all the maladies that I am facing here now and the slow as a turtles pace we are rolling on here is a bit of too much memories and traditions, and living in my mind of when life was a lot more energetic rather than, grinding up hill with too much load. So on my end , I am going to be more ambitious, but more over conditions being I am her now and its time I acted like the CEO/Boss that I am rather than being so passive, and patronizing. Bottom line, you work here, or if your part of our extension of the radio net, then you’ll do it our way, directed by me. When it comes to being around women too long many men get what we call, P-Whipped and I’ll let you figure out what the P, stands for. I refuse to be P-Whipped, caged, or hogtied , I am not now nor am I ever to be tamed, or domesticated. I’m a wild man and I plan on staying that way. Likewise all things HazzardAyre/Samco Radio is unbridled all the time fight the system rebel radio, completely anti conformist. We truly are anarchists and that just will never change, for out of Anarchy, comes order. The Knytes refuse and so do I to even think that we are failing, or even quitting, however that said, there are times when you need to carefully consider where to plant your seeds. You can plant in a rocky field, maybe get something to grow, but over time all that crop is going to do, is get over ridden by weeds. Where as those same seeds are planted in good rich deep soil, then the yield is unimaginable. Perhaps Jerome is the better place. That said cash flow doesn’t allow that, but things are about to change. In any business journey, its important to surround your self with people that make a great team, some might be a mentor, some may not, but the team has to believe in the same goal and be on the same page, headed in  the same direction. 

Any mile its time for me to see what my pillow is doing, see ya’ll later on the cyber radio, at: 

Until then,

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