White collar women and major corporations, men need to be in charge.

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First before I get into my rant and its distantly related to my main topic. There ought to be, and most likely there is, but there ought to be a file sniffing program on a computer. Example, had a pic on my mini computer that I was trying to locate, to do a graphic or two, now I’m pretty sure I didn’t delete the file, yet for my red shorts , I can’t find it. So that means digging out my CD’s and reposting it on the computer. Okay then. All day Thursday was a bytch to say the least. Got a bit inspired by Dropbox putting in a credit paper of $750.00 into my bank account, but as I do, I proceeded with caution. So called the bank to unfreeze my credit card. Asked them if the $750.00 was usable, at first they said yes. So cruised to the bank here, tried withdraw the funds, nope wouldn’t do it. So flew back here to the Lair, made a few phone calls, found out Dropbox which is a real fancy paid for email service. Thing is, it ain’t a plug nickle. Dropbox is too complicated to navigate, no up front help, and just didn’t serve the immediate needs, the only reason I looked at it was so, the Smith’s and I could communicate along with a few of the associates for dOterra. Knowing that my days online were numbered, cancelled the dang thing out well before the end of the free trial, period. But hey Dropbox took it upon themselves to snag that $750.00 out anyway. After I made a stink, on FB about it they reluctantly cancelled it out, no real refund. Case closed. So sent off the money for the big system Internet, yet the smaller system, after I really climbed up CenturyLink’s butt, too reluctantly credited me $299.00 for the 3 months I was to get comp service for the delays in getting the larger 20/20 system set up, which works 70% of the time, the rest of the time, from storms to dogs pissing on the little green stick that connects it all, is when I have number 4 line going south. I did, get a reduction there by $115.00 but damn it ain’t near  the $500.00 an hour that would normally be coming in, and which is why I’m short money wise all the time. Now here’s the rub. The original guy who signed me up for CenturyLink, skipped town from Arizona to Florida, leaving me no account rep. So they assign me another account rep, who never answers her phone, but then too, neither does her supervisor. Oh I know why, they don’t want to hear from me, but I would think they would like to cal it even, reinstate my office system, considering that there is 300,000 members of the Knytes/WolfPack, 150,000 of those live here in the west, of both organizations, who have their own Internet and residential landline services. Add to that us reopening new studios and sub station in 4 other states, means good business for CenturyLink, its a take care of the main center, the organization takes care of CenturyLink, by being solid customers, and from the comments on FB and elsewhere, CenturyLink needs all the positive customers they can get. So you’d think that with those things in mind, CenturyLink, would forget about the $700.00 for the mini service less the the $299.00 they gave me credit for, and reinstate the service. Trust me friends I’m not looking for a free ride here, but when I get promised something, I expect that promise to be kept, the Knytes-Honor Guard, expects that too when it has to dealing with an outside vendor or utility, CenturyLink didn’t. But this and other things is why in my opinion, most women, should be in clerical, or office jobs, not decision making jobs, since they just don’t care. Most women and even male executives, only think of a few things, work sort of during the day, get off work right at 5:00PM commute home feed kids, take a bath, go out party with the girls(both genders) and forget weekends, and anything overnight. Don’t make no difference what company it is, they may say 24 hour support, as long as the support request comes in during usual business hours , never mind that your doing an overnight radio show, or the data system at the office of your towing service is offline 8 times, and yet your expected to pay full price, without any credits for delays of installation, and outtages. Nope but hey that disconnect button is right there at their command. 

People in towing know what 24/7/365 is all about, those not in our industry have no clue. Maybe Hope and or Jana will call or put my stuff back into operation Friday, but I’d be fibbing if I didn’t say we are looking for another provider, even if that results in a relocation. And oh yes an attorney has been consulted and meets with me on Monday.

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