Could it be done today? And Gender biased

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So on our early evening show called Dixie Nation Radio, it came to the segment of the bio of the TV hit show HeeHaw. I’ve often wondered, in today’s era and society, could that style of show, of hot shorts, super hot women, and family kountry humor , not too mention, serious ckountry music be done today? From the #metoo law suits, the the feminazi’s could showing that much serious women in somewhat a racy environment be done today and it be okay with all of America. Could rural based TV even movies be accepted, or protested? Then and this flows right into my previous topic. Haven’t heard one iota from the Smith’s this past week nor anything about continuing the escapade so I pulled most of the music from our networks play list and just consider the matter a wash like so much in this area of Idaho. This part of Gooding County Idaho, is too conservative to stomach much less allow a radio station, or for that matter support a station and Network, as on the surface we seem too much sinister and off key, so they just ignore it, which may be why ever since Straight Arrow never kept the station here going and moved it to Gooding. With that said, I did notice something a bit gender biased in this dOterra thing. See there’s one of Ms. Smith’s trainees, by the name of Windy, who at first it seemed odd that this Windy, would enter a sole males domicile have me take off my shoes, and socks, rub my feet down with oil with a healthy massage. The second time she did that treatment, whether any body else noticed, this Windy, smelled and nearly kissed my toes. Now from all too much experience in this behavior, if I had done that in or out of nylons, I prefer em with nylons on, but if I had done this on a first or second round, they would have ran for the ditches. In fact its the main red flag alert to many of the on air applicants that I have applied here and why we still don’t have yet even one. But I’m supposed to be okay with this? To paraphrase George Carlin, in one of his bits, and this flows, since I asked Windy if I could do her feet, of which she said no, it’s simply, ” Do what you want to the guy , but leave me alone” . 

So with that , HazzardAyre/AyreWolf FM, is still fighting with CenturyLink. I did get a call from the so called Account Rep, she said she’d call Monday. If I held my breath for that call, I’d turn blue, and next Wednesday, I’m to meet with our attorney in Burley, to start the process of discovery, then looking at one helluva law suit, somewhere in the area of about $300,000.00 . My thought is too come the last week of April, if it lasts that long, We’ll start the move for the station in Wendell, get another service provider for our online side of radio operations, and see what CenturyLink does afterwerds. My opinion, CenturyLink, which in these parts started out of Mountain Bell, then to Quest then now CenturyLink was a telephone company. While they do offer services in the phone business, and those in large metro areas with big offices, for SMB, and even smaller business’s most are only going to use these Internet companies for just that Internet, the phone side has been replaced by the Cell Phone. If I were CenturyLink, I’d be looking into going into these small towns and partial rural areas and wire them with Fiber. Then if your spending $500.00 a month, you’d at least be able to get what your paying for. 

Finally, I was watching some videos on YouTube, earlier, and saw a few where the honeys would crinkle up their tiny noses. One of the things that drew me to one on Disney, is in one of her video’s she crinkled her then, tiny nose, her snozz has gotten bigger. Then saw this Hispanic woman earlier tonight at our local food store who was wearing a everyday blouse, but left nothing hiding including this laced black see thru under garment. Yes she left an impact but not one I’d remember for being sexy, more like , Are you kidding ? 

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