The art of the sweet fart Or is that fluff?

I can remember this from years gone by and I have a point to make here, and I’m not just being crude. See Monkee and I were living, in Grace Idaho, and we had just ate a great steak dinner, I was full of internal gas, however it had been a few weeks since Monkee and I had gotten kinky. So she dressed down in stockings and all and it was turning into a burner when mother nature got intereupted, by letting go, I blew a fart so smelly, that it even meant my nose curled. Then a few days later during a truck run to Idaho Falls, a mere 80 miles from Grace, and Monkee blew one. I said , ” and you don’t fart?” She replied, “women do not fart they fluff.” Really? is that what they call it. Bill Engvall, the Blue Collar comedian, now living in Southern Utah said it best, when he said there’s a fine line wall that couples, don’t cross , at least in the first 5 years or so of a marriage(shute, most marriages are grand if they last beyond 5 years) If a guy has the door closed unloading his bowels, she gets suspicious. Yet if we open the door when she pinching em off, you have never heard such anger. It’s near to that same expression you get if your in the hospital room when she’s in labor. Everything you have done wrong, every slip up, and even ones you’ll get blamed for that you never did, is told to you at that moment. The biological differences of the human genders are quite complex. For men its not so much so, since we its really simple, Good TV, a good brew, comfortable easy chair, good food, a great truck, or bike, and plenty of good none interupted sex. Last but not last lots of none disturbed sleep. I have no idea what must be the ultimate description of women’s wants and desires. I have some basic thoughts, and know that truly, women are feline, and men are canine. Even the first two letters of her gender (FE)male, and that of a cat (FE)line go togerher. There are other smells that are foul to her, even gave off by another woman although somewhat a turn on at the same time, that is the smell of another’s, vagina. I discussed this on this mornings, Dixie Nation show on the air. The aroma is for men the stench is what makes her hurl. Even so, and talking about smelling. Although unable to find a graphic, I have become rather aware of another part of the female anatomy, that is of her nose. I have always disliked long noses. Especially the slim long ones with barely any nostrils. So when I see a very small one, that looks cute when she wrinkles or as I say it crinkles her nose I , am rather taken by it. If she has cute dimples that helps, like Dove Cameron from Disney fame 145858503293521   Dove’s nose is so dang cute you’d like to kiss it. When she wrinkled it on one of her videos, singing the title track Liv and Maddie I just about melted. Well such a young one was out last night and needed a tow. So I responded, don’t know if it was something smelly in my truck or what, but when she crinkled her tiny nose I just swooned. So dang cute. So in concluding here to women is it a fart , or a fluff, further research needs to be done. See ya’ll tonight on SAMCRO RADIO and overnight on Hazzard Knyte Live Radio on; 

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