Tragedy In Evanston Wyoming , but it could have been worse.

So I get this Facebook message from Rick in Evanston. Some idiot stole LexiBelle. Yep that LexiBelle. Owned in part by Club 81 and me. The guy has no idea of what happens to people that violate Club 81 property or a member. Fortunately Rick was able to recover the truck and fortunately as far as I know the only damage is to the steering column. Still its one of those things that I start with the fuz, and law people, the second step, well I wont say , but the idiot that tried to steal LexiBelle, has no idea of how his life will change, if he still has a life. So with that said, I was going to shit can my overnight gig, on radio, which i did, but working on production to air Sunday afternoon. Right now just trying to snag enough money to get my behind to Evanston, and meet with the law of Uinta County Wyoming. I’ll post pics in the afternoon, Sunday. Even though I feel like I have been personally violated even raped, between Goody’s Powders, dOterra Balance, and lemon tea, and Lithium, I’m remaining calm. 

Found that everything is cool with the Smith’s and SouthernSteele Media, so that’s groovy. Still having troubles with Stallion, found that I am low on oil, and tranny fluid. that said still concerned with the charging system. 

The move from Evanston Wyoming here was in primary because PoohBear could not get along for some odd reason with folks in Etown. Granted that can be a challenge for outsiders, but I got going by networking. Chamber of Commerce, City Council meetings, Business organizations, and even eating at places, I had a town that although they didn’t understand put its arms around me. Obviously the idiot that messed up with LexiBelle, was mentally challenged, because in life there are things you just don’t do, You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, don’t spit in the wind, never pull the mask off the Lone Ranger, and damn well don’t mess with my tow truck LexiBelle. That said, had I stayed there, avoided all the manure that I have went through and yet had my truck, in my hands. Because of PoohBear’s instablity LexiBelle has suffered damage. Mean’s one more thing on her bill, due to the club. Once a new steering column is installed LexiBelle, is coming home to Idaho. Put her in the shop out at the Smith’s and finish the restoration and upgrading so she can make me money. For now I need to focus on the radio thing, since my towing gig, has been put on hiatus. 

Will be fully on air at noon or as soon as I get home from Church. Hear us at 


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