The go or no go decision, we didn’t go to Evanston, (Yet)

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After some very careful consideration and Rick not being in Etown, Wendy, myself and Kathleen decided to remain here on station here in Wendell, at least for a week or two. This came as the result of a email notice from the legal proceedings involving the Montgomery Foundation, seeing some money coming into the mix from said legal proceedings somewhere in the middle to last weeks of may give or take. The main challenges right now outside the vandalism of my tow truck, is gaining of $2,000.00 for my electric bill, needs to be found awaiting the funds from Metro Securities aka the lagal snarl involving the Montgomery Foundation. And about that for the Internet although, I have been told by Jana my account rep, from CenturyLink, that I should be getting credits and service restored although than has not yet happened. Whether I’m in Burley or here the funds will get here just might be a bit muddy as to where those funds are deployed. We’re talking a bit north of $100,million. 60% of that is going to the Knytes,aka SAMCRO MC. 20% will go to the AyreWolvez, the rest will go into the operation of me. That means new shop, tow trucks and a few other things. So with the decision to not trek to Wyoming we did a meditation thing at Wendy’s, where upon my feet were oiled, and some other parts of me. Found out that even though not Church approved per sey, Wendy loves things SAMCRO, so can’t be all bad, there is chemistry there but not yet enough to drop PoohBear. As it is at present a good friendship with Wendy is there and there it shall remain. With all that said, I scrubbed going to NAB again this year simply due to finances, likewise have been holding off going trucking with SWIFT. My question to SWIFT is simple, if I’m going to train with you, and all; why not do something simple? You pay for my med exam, and written test, put that on the bill that I have to repay later anyway, and make it easier for me to slide into that drivers seat? I don’t think the recruiting lady at SWIFT, understands I’m running three business’s that needs to stay running to regain our second to none status. Since I relocated from Evanston Wyoming from Cable-One to CenturyLink and being off air, my prime truck being in Evanston, awaiting repairs to be put back into service and now me managing both a music group, and building a TV station, my hands and body have not seen rest since about this time last year. To date I don’t think that I have made over maybe $2,000.00 since I have been here likewise neither has SAMCRO TOEW or SAMCRO MC. Now that some funds looks like it will be recovered from the Montgomery Foundation, the hard decision will be do I stay here, bring PoohBear out here, buy this house and dig my heels in and drop Anchor here in Wendell Idaho, or, do I uproot, again and plant the seeds in more fertile fields? In any case the show must go on and some consistency as far as HazzardAyre, Maximum Overdrive, and all our radio offerings must be cemented. If you think that this dOterra oils thing is just a fad, think again. The stuff just works, once applied I am abele to think clearer, and more precise. I find inner peace and sanity, to be able to administer my thoughts , actions, and business decisions. If your wondering how this can help the trucker, namely YOU, think this: From the long hours in that drivers seat, chaining down loads, and all of it, your lower back, your butt, your feet and even your legs are paying the true price of our profession. Here’s what I do. After a good rub down with dOterra essential oils, I put a few drops on a clean rag etc, and put it by one of the air vents in the truck. Both heater and/or ac. Turn on the cab fan and circulate such things as the peppermint, throughout the cab. I find I breathe easier, and my head gets clearer. Since I didn’t sleep much I’m heading in to catch some zz’s, see ya’ll on the air at midnight on Maximum Overdrive Radio on 

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