Are they fracking kidding? Don’t ever believe the noise from some economic experts.

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There I was at the point of do or don’t, when I saw an ad in the e-edition of the Slime News, out of Twin Falls. Great economic times ahead it said. TF C-of-C says, jobs and higher wages. So since my rent in Evanston Wyoming was going up, took a leap of faith, got this cottage in Wendell, and moved. If this is supposed to be economic prosperity , I’d like to see what that looks like. First power rates at nearly $1.00 more per kilowatt hour than Evanston, aka Rocky Mountain Power. Local TV as well as both cable and internet more reasonable and more on than off. And rent while nearly equal in price, what I was paying in Wyoming was much more on the luxury side than where I’m at. Then I just went out and got my water bill, $165.00 , really? $165.00? I couldn’t use that much water by myself if I wanted too. Higher wages? Really? Where? I don’t trust none bodies at no economic improvement firm no more, no how. The only way someone could live in this house, is if they were knocking down at minimum $5k a month, then maybe. This is supposed to be a retirement community, how could anyone retire here? You’d have to keep working. Go work on the farms you say, really? Where? The Hispanic community, has but all taken up any farm jobs, one could get. While I’ll still be in the area, I am looking for something more affordable. 

Oh on that money windfall I’m getting, got a notice today, that will be at least another two to three months before I see it. As it needs to go through channels. So for at least 6 months, I am getting what I been getting, and that ain’t enough to keep paying through the nose. 

Last, before I go, I’m facing these crisis’s much more calmly, today. Usually I’m crawling through the floor, but after yesterday’s meditation with Kathleen, and Wendy and the peppermint dOterra, oils, the aroma is still oozing out of my T-shirt and reminds me what a serenity I had from that session yesterday, of course the serenity I got from being around Wendy didn’t hurt either.

See ya’ll on the radio, CenturyLink is going to shut me off for a few in doing some uprading.

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