Oh ye of little faith,

AyreWolf Aviation Gazzette

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Oh ye of little faith, had a unsettling meeting with Kathleen earlier today, in as we went, the question of tenacity and ability came into the conversation. To whit I simply said, do not judge that which you do not see from what you do see. Getting a new artist or new artists to going from a obscure area to the forefront of public viewing and hearing does not hit always overnight. Like anything in entertainment it takes multiple auditions, and presentations, a couple of visits here to the radio studio, and a few songs does not always set the bit in the mouth of the horse. Sure several very big producers and all are interested, yes it takes some convincing, depends on who is listening, but doing radio shows, producing a pilot reissue of an old TV show, etc is a good start, but let me do my work…

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