Once again lets visit, a bunch of monkey’s trying to mate with a football, Can you say, Thank You for contacting CenturyLink. And problems that really aren’t problems just slight disturbances.

AyreWolf Aviation Gazzette

knytewolf hedderbook of ayrewolf2

Have you ever watched a pen full of apes, try to entertain themselves with a football? Years ago at the Hoggle Zoo in Utah I did, much of the time the primates tried to have carnal relations with it. Well once again, we find our associates at CenturyLink doing about the same thing. See once upon a time, after I got lied to, by Cable-One, I unhooked from them, and signed up with CenturyLink. I know bad mistake, since everytime I have I have ran into much snags. I remember too, when , while I was living in Wyoming, CenturyLink gave the runaround to our complex manager there at the Wentworth Apartments. She got so fed up, she unhooked from CenturyLink, signed up with AllWest Communications there in Etown Wyoming, and don’t think they looked back. Okay back to my thing here. Back in late September, I signed up with…

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