Friday the 13th and a still doomsday with CenturyLink, White Cloud soon to be here online. Stay tuned.

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Too bad that one can’t get things done anymore even with a telco company like CenturyLink but hey big companies even military are like this. They get too big and the left hands have no idea what the right hands are doing. If it wasn’t for the radio network and all, I’d just get some lame connection, or completely forget the Internet all together. But because of those two concerns, I need to stay on line and online with massive horsepower. Radio uploads are notorious for gobbling up bandwidth and as such to equal the boost such as what we had in both Utah and Wyoming, I have to pay big bills. Like in the $600.00 range of which the Knytes/AyreWolvez pay half and I pay half. Which is what cuts me short finance wise every month, and I don’t see much in the way of relief, since every week goes by and those that say they support us, don’t wear out some shoe leather, finding a few merchants here in our area to open their wallets to help offset the cash stash. At $100.00 a month if just 20 people ponied up the bills would be paid, but such is life in rural America. However got some news both bad and good, the Montgomery Trust is now just waiting on the sale of some massive property near La Brea California, and this old Wolf cashes in to the sum of $185, mil. And $50,mil every other year until the final payout. According to the powers that be, should be about the end of the year. But at least they sent the tax forms. Now the decision comes where and to what to invest the $85,mil I’ll get out of it? Outside of paying all my bills and taxes, looking at buying property in or near Eagle Mountain Utah, building a home to my specs, and a shop, and being part of something I saw created in the mid to late 90’s. When Eagle Mountain Utah’s city hall was in Lehi Utah. I was contracted then to be both broadcast, and the first tow service of Eagle Mountain. So that goes like that, however that does not mean I’m leaving the CowSmiths Band a drift, nor the radio network, to make the radio net operate to its earning potential, means being in a place where the Internet connection has the backbone and horsepower that can run the bandwidth, that is needed. That means too, dealing with a company that has sales associates and tech resources that are local, where You or I can go, and see in person who ever it is that is running it. Not some company that transferes one all over the place keeping you on hold, and who really answers the phone, when you call, not all emails if your lucky. Called White Cloud Tech, they say that they will have their new tower here in Wendell up by mid May early June, while will still need CenturyLink as we have it for the studio operation of the radio network, the front office and traffic control will be on White Cloud’s system. Why White Cloud? They are local, I know where they are and White Cloud aka Autophone has been in the radio tech business since the early 1950’s. I know these people. Okay then.

Was chatting with Sony Media and Viacom seems they have albeit a distant one, but a interest in the CowSmith’s band and YouToo, and Viacom, likes the idea, of a Hazard style version of a redoux of the old HeeHaw, series. Production on that begins next month and we are now casting for it, studios for the video/TV side of HazzardAyre will be off I-84 next to Wendy’s there in Jerome. As I said yesterday, the mule may move slowly, but do not doubt, have faith , Mountains and dead ends can be moved and that dead end can be just a need for a course correction.

Finally this morning, I am feverishly working on a redoux of Airwolf, but respelling it AyreWolf, and working on a revized version of the lady. I will be on air online only as our towrs are still down for over the air, but that will be corrected in Mid July, as we have a new tower site picked, and will be revizing that over the next 6 months, KTOW/KDXC will go on air there, with a larger studio, and office complex, in Gooding. Be tuned in later this afternoon, starting at 20:00 Hours or 8:00PM Mountain Standard Time, on


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