Things we’ll be chatting about on the overnight haul. Midnight to 6:00AM

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Have you ever thought about how women smell in certain items of clothing? Example, the in fashion, is leggings in contrast to simple nylons, or pantyhose. These leggings are called Yoga or Spanx. So after a day in these things do you ever consider how her legs even their nether regions of their anatomy might smell? This run of thought was brought up last week at our meditation get together at Wendy’s as she was oiling my feet, when I mentioned that certain scientific studies have concluded that women’s feet do not smell, foul. Or as foul as say a man’s does. Something to do with PH or those hormones. Then too, some women who tie up their hair into tight buns and tails. So tight they’ll hold an ice pick, remember  the scene from Meet the Fockers? When the flight attendant with the sticks in her hair, and it was asked don’t those things give you a headache? The question was kind of left on the table. How about an answer? Does tieing up their heads make women have more headaches than men? After all, If the night turns romantic, how many times does a man say,” I have a headache?” Against that same excuse by women? Speaking of nylons and such, what ever happened to the popularity of the fashion? For that matter are they still in fashion? If not why, same question if they are why? I’m seeing them more on certain early morning gals on FoX 13, wearing nylons than not wearing them, or are we going back into a nostalgia trend that says hosiery is better than not? 

Hours of service rules changes are in the works, looks like we may see a 24/14 rule. For every 24 hours worth of driving truckers must take 14 hours off. Is this going to change and what about having to reprogram those ELD’s? How might this effect us in toewing? What about the last time you really wrote something by hand? Educational systems and schools are phasing out hand writting and Cursive as a style of the written word. Will our up coming generation be able to really write? Have you ever mailed using a stamp, and envelope to send your thoughts to someone? President Trump, says the custom is now fading and is considering doing away with the United States Post Office? Seems as though E-commerce, E-mails, etc have out paced the old waiting for a letter, in the box, so good bye one more thing of Americana. We’ll soon no longer be able to say the check is in the mail. As there wont be snail mail. Just some of what we’ll be into, on the overnight haul on the home of Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio, with me the Knyte Wolf. Oh and before I go off to gain some shut eye, While its been attempted before the final question is, could a man survive if the only air he could inhale went through some smelly nylons? Anyone out there willing to put the concept to the test? I’m all nose for smelly hose. Until 01:00 after the address we’ll be on air LIVE on; .


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