They listen but do they hear?

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So as I listened to the talks, and music in Church today, I wondered the same thing there as I heard at another denomination in Twin Falls. The core of most of it is, accept those that are different than you, love others as God Loves you and as you would want to be loved and serve others, as Christ served his Father, Our Father in Heaven, did for us all sinful and idiotic humans. As I heard all of this, I thought, maybe a bit selfish on my part, but took it in as, and wanted to flat say have any of you ever or recently looked in the mirror lately? Okay, some folks don’t dig combat aviators, bikers or those of us who live life on the edge. Give me a brothel and/or a trashy woman, my Harley, and an open field, and I’ll show you honesty and integrity. What I have heard lately is a bunch of trash mouths talking out both sides of their faces, and no not talking the CowSmiths, but others, who will tell you one thing to make a sale, but if YOU need something its ah, I’ll get back to you on that. They never call, write,email, nothing. No its not a perfect world that said, it’d be nice if more practiced more of what they preach. When it comes to talks in Church, what happened to having to memorize them, and memorize the scripture quotes? I had to as a youth. If you just copy it off a computer you really did not learn anything from the experience. One though today, was chattering so bad, and talked so fast I never did get onto her train of thought. Hope Church President Nelson get’s his flock put back together, but perhaps he can’t maybe its that many should consider that The Church Of Jesus Christ, has lost all its Prophets and seers and are too afraid to admit it.

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