It’s Monday, and do you really have to call out the legal dogs?

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Some of my recent associates and all just tell me to have patience. Sorry the only people with patients are doctors. As for me I have just about had it. I have, barked, snarled, growled, and howled, at CenturyLink to correct a serious screw up on their part yet to date the correction has not been done, nothing has changed and seems the only way to get justice is to put the thing in front of a Justice, as in Justice of the Peace. Too bad in this era, that one can’t just shek hands and an agreement be upheld, but too that’s why and I’ve learned , I have every one of the communications from CenturyLink, From that of the jackass that set up the account to both the ladies that are I guess, although they don’t return phone calls, and seldom emails, that are supposedly fixing the malfunction. Bottom line, CenturyLink is greedy, I have to cough up big money to get both my services reinstated to prior status then just sue the crap out of CenturyLink for the loss of $599,000.00 they have cost the Knytes/AyreWolvez. Hope, Hope, Jana and the original buttwhipe has other employment horizons and job offers, since I have a feeling a few will no longer have jobs at CenturyLink, and/or any other telco in the nation. This from one idiot, that lied about a $128.00 phone bill, that I could have and should have paid even though he said he had it covered. When it comes to telco’s I trust one and only one, AllWest Communications out of Kamas Utah. Most of the people have their heads on straight and most there and especially Mindy Broadhead there, cares about reputation and serving the customer, not just feeding the Corporate coffers. The Knytes as of this morning, filed the suit, and advised they filed a complaint with both the Federal Trade Commission, as well as the Federal Communications Commission. 

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