So I didn’t get on air for two days, this would change if I had more human’s mainly women announcers in studio.

So I didn’t get on air for the last few days, mostly because been dealing with sore throat, and the fact need to do some more tinkering on the gear here. That said, I should have this rig running full power by Friday and should be on air Friday AM around 8:00 AM. I had planned on being on air Wed, into Thursday morning, but no SKOAL and I ain’t paying the $7.00 a can from Maverick, second I’m having a slight motivational problem. Seems I push this radio gig, full steam, but no real income, oh we barely squeak out the bills each month, but not much of anything else, that and this old body of mine needs more rest than usual. Mostly the diabetes is making me pooped all the time. Some of what I need to take to correct sugar spikes and all, also curtails my libedo. Now then too, although there’s a lot of well intentioned people jumping on board or who have jumped on the HazzardAyre/Maximum-Overdrive wagon, but nobody stays, and i agree I’d be skiddish for working somewhere for no pay too. However aside from radio when I wanted to get into towing, I had no idea hardly what I was doing, so I hung around towing companies, clean the pooper, swept floors, cleaned trucks, and when the need came, I went on tows. I learned my intended profession. Soon I was able to buy my own truck. Sometimes I’d even get a $100.00 or a $50.00 bill stick in my pocket. Same with radio, when I got into it, even at the age of 7-1/2 years old I knew nothing, but a few major radio program directors heard my voice, still I had to pay my dues, clean up, rip and rewrite copy, make the morning coffee and I did all of this, without pay, but I learned how to do things, I got to meet people in the business, its called sweat equity. Just yesterday even with the lull of being off air and dealing with some engineering things with CenturyLink, still yesterday I was informed by our people in Utah, that HazzardAyre, and SAMCRO MC Radio, had just peaked at 80,million listeners and 100, million homes that our radio shows are heard in. Not bad for a tiny hobby radio station in Wendell Idaho. I see what we are doing now blooming into a very green flower and by green big dollars, equaling even my Estate money of $185,million. Of which, $7, mil, goes to Kathleen, and family, $50,mil going into the radio gig, $50,million going to the KNYTES and AyreWolvez and $50,mil, going to Wendy. Now understand every other year, I’ll be getting $50, mil until the full $250,mil has been repaid to the Montgomery Trust and that means me. Now I made it official through the attorney’s that should anything happen to me, Wendy and her daughter would be taken care of as well as my family. Maybe if God decides it good those two can one one in the same. Sure I’m still in with PoohBear, But I take care of those that take care of me, and support the Knytes(aka SAMCROMC) the motivation factor is simple, I’m looking at options of where to plant the seeds of the HQ of our radio group. That all is grounded to what happens between me, Wendy,PoohBear, and The CowSmiths Family Band. The additional motivating factor is grounded on the ability or lack thereof of finding enough women on air talent to occupy the studio, that are a split between being a cowgirl/biker/truck type gal, that doesn’t mind jumping in for a beginning of sweat equity. Plus a few to wear out some shoe leather and some cell phone minutes getting at least SOME local advertisers. 

Any mile, need to wrap this up and catch some shut eye, catch me early Friday morning if not this afternoon here on 

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