Friday Blues and news

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I am fully convinced that the techy geeks and people not working in laor intensive vocations have to be the most lazy in our nation. Example, Telco’s like CenturyLink, Cable-One, Comcast etc never answer their phones anytime after 3:00PM and never on Friday. Even those who work in state or low income financial aid offices. Now one can say that its a lack funding or income, I say that it’s just the lack of serious care of clients and/or customers, and the hurry up lets get on with the weekend. Ain’t it good that those of us in towing, radio, agriculture , and such careers aren’t that way. While these shirt and tie types are off pulling their RV’s and boats down the road, they blow a tire or have a problem, and guess who their rather thankful for? Yep , us in towing, if they want to groove on the radio or their mobile entertainment device, their damn glad we’re on the boards delivering content. Military don’t get time off , but the DC occupiers do, from Trump on down to the Stormy starlets are off to the lounges, beer joints and big ball rooms. However one agency is right on the watch. Got news this morning that two of our stations are off air for two months, until we can demonstrate we have the human resources to run them full time. Used to be before the rework of radio, that as long as you provided 12 to 24 hours of programming a week on over the air you were good. Now your gave at least 12 hours a day, or they suspend your license. Which is what has happened to both KTOW and KSOA . Our other stations in larger cities continue to flow, and we are still on cyber or streaming radio, but our over the air offerings at least in western Idaho and Western Wyoming are offline until mid month June 2018, hopefully by then we’ll be in better surroundings to keep the over the air fires burning.

Wendy got home okay last night, I however had a terrible night was up all night with the poops. Must have been the powdered Cocoa milk I drank, or something, waited for PoohBearto call, but no call. Finally had to make a call, found my phone was off, sure enough for once I flat turned it off. Was supposed to have the new line and all for CenturyLink installed in the front office, but guess its easier to turn off service than to hook it up. Chewed out Wendell City Hall, on my water bill, it ain’t no $168.00 its right at $100.00 that I need to pay out by this Monday, so reluctantly got to pass the hat around. This begging crap, and it is crap is coming to an end. The $185,mil, wont hit my bank account until July, okay I can bleed until then, but what and where I use that money is subject to who and what firms treat me worth a dang until then. This old high octane canine only responds to kindness, loyalty and dedication to the Knytes/AyreWolvez, myself and of course the company including the radio gig. Those who shun and ignore up, well, it’ll be adios. If folks in and of Wendell and surrounding areas want our financial support and any other support, they best pony up, and get much closer, or they can cry in their oatmeal, when we’re gone. Now then of the Tech Goddess Kim Komondo. I saw an article she put up regarding Google’s Chrome killing a popular set of Ad Blockers. Guess what? I was nearly ready to unplug those did the one I use, and my computer went bazerk . Reinstalled, all seems good now. I think that many of these outfits, tell you adblocking software is bad, inflicts malware and all just to scare you. Why, Ad blocking software, means those ads you see pop up, including theirs can’t be seen. Ad blocking software hurts their precious wallets, and so they get YOU to remove the very thing keeping you from having to view their idiotic spammy ads. See you on the air at 7:00(19:00) for AyreWolfFM, and overnight for a full night of Maximum-Overdrive/SAMCRO MC Radio. on: 

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