This was beyond the normal for and of the abilities of Wendell,Idaho this was great.

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I’m often made wrong on some things, and tonight was one of them. I went out on a grand experience held at the Wendell High School Auditorium, here in our small town to watch a production of Beauty and The Beast. While it was great overall, one or two of the students were more than just good, they were excellent. One played the Beauty, I must say that I was beyond words or way beyond my expectations. This young lady had a set of pipes on here that equal the pipes on Temple Square, I mean as far back as I was in seating I could hear every note as though I was up close to the stage,  this young lady never missed a cue, and I need say just terrific. You don’t usually expect this caliber of theatrical expertise, nor the quality of production. These kids did a fantastic job. Of course their drama teacher had a lot to do with it, and she did a grand knock out of the park on this one. The only draw back was mistaking one old man for one I have known since I was a Wolf Pup, Mr. Ellis whom has know my kin folk pack but once I got steered to the right person, it was like an old home coming. Come to find, Mr. Ellis lives just up the street from me, and that might mean a few of his family might come to visit. Never knew that Margo, Ellis had passed on, the older of the two, well, she still is alive and lives in Twin, Falls. Need to start scratching some sand here there might be some people that might be very close. Could the teacher, Donna Ainsworth be the same Donna Ainsworth I used visit during long and hot summer nights? Makes one want to know where Valerie Pepper lives now, don’t it. Harvest may come early this year. Full Interview of cast and all this Friday at 20:00 here on Maximum Overdrive Radio, be tuned in at and on 

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