In the good and bad news department

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There are times you just find yourself at a point where that burn inside you says, this ain’t it. After the counseling session I had with one of my dOterra associates today, and even with at least 10 texts I found I was still in the same place I was before the counseling session. Let’s face it the situation with Wendy ain’t going to happen. Then there’s the costs of this place, but the tipping of the scale was when Ricky down in Etown said he was going to be moving, and the clutch in LexiBelle was dang near fried. So I did some investigating, found a place near to what I have here in price per month, with a few more luxuries. Then I looked at the tow call ledger, for every call I get here in or near Wendell, Idaho, I get 10 in or near to Evanston. Bottom line, my bottom line says get out of here and reverse this disaster. Now My associate said let God take care of my domicile expenses. Okay fine, Water bill, good, $2,300.00 power bill not able to do, sure South Central is going to help, but I’m tired of needing help. I think between the tow bizz and radio bizz I might have made without looking $1,000.00 that’s not enough to offset a $550.00 a month Internet bill, crappy TV, and even with that no one or hardly no one with any clout here is willing to jump in and help. Granted I didn’t have much better help in Evanston, but heck even doing the radio gig part time as then, just a hobby, overnight and weekends I made more than I am making here. This was a bad mistake, a very bad experiment and I learned that even if for every road that leads away from home there is two that leads back, as it is that road has too many detours and dead ends. Granted Evanston is sort of bassackwards and not always in the 21st Century, but its further ahead than here. I made a real goof, I have no one else to blame, I took a gamble and lost. But rather than keep sinking, I’m climbing out, and Evanston being only an hour from Salt Lake City, and Metro Utah. Means action. So in closing come the end of May, HazzardAyre resides once again in Evanston Wyoming and a splinter in Montpelier Idaho. See ya’ll on the air at 08:00 on 

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