Get out from behind the cubicle and take a gander of what and where your going to serve a client, Hello, Welcome to CenturyLink

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If your going to serve a client especially with vital communications services and even more so a full gallon radio station, there ought to be a concept of get out from behind the cubicle and go to the location where service is going to be rendered. Example, back in late September of 2017, after I got a serious anal screwing by Cable-One, and the not so full disclosure of paying 3 months of service in advance, we got unhooked. At the time I could have paid the $800.00 or so, bill and got hooked up in a couple of months. But in the short run, thought lets see what CenturyLink can offer here in Wendell, Idaho. The lady said 5 down, 2 up, not good, but hey at least I could write the news. Sounding disappointed the lady redirects my call, to this crook, in Pheenix Arizona he says he can get me a full 20 up, 20 down symetricle set up. Okay, groovy. Needs a site survey. Guy comes looks it over says yep, he needed me to get some wood up on the wall, no dimensions, no nothing, after a month finally got the plan. Still problems, the real thing is that the antiquated wires of Wendell Idaho, are just not stiff enough to run such a system, town has no capicity for fiber optic. Yes we get a signal out and for the most part deliver radio, but not LIVE and certainly not the fidelity that it requires. If these people who sell these systems, would just get off their butts, and take a trip, of 4 hours up, 4 hours home from say Utah or Arizona, survey the site, talk to the real techs involved, maybe then instead of selling pie in the sky, they could sell something real and honest. Okay then, target for Evanston is in gear, where at least this kind of mess is not so often. Not saying that our experience there in Evanston was all perfect. However at least Mindi in Kamas Utah, would try real hard to fix things, if I got behind in the bill, she’d work with me to let me pay it off a bit at a time. Not completely shut us down. She knew if you shut us down we can’t earn thus not be able to pay. I will say this too, I got 20 up, 100 down, it cost me $350.00 a month and I got expanded service cable TV to boot. I could spend more time on the air, rather than having to fix computer problems generated by a service like CenturyLink that never performed, and hasn’t performed. At least not like it was pitched at me by that Raphael guy. Oh and yes, Mindi really did come up to Evanston and saw what we were doing, and how she could help. So come the 4th of May , I’m paying the $553.00 to CenturyLink, but I’m not trusting them to hook up the front office service, as was promised. In Business, you have to trust who your doing business with, if you can’t trust em, maybe you or in this case us need to look elsewhere. 

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