I have learned that FakeBook is mostly for women ages 14 to 50, and unemployed.

Samcro Toew Gazzette mini hedderKnytes Chronicles

After months and months of badgering, calling, and still pending legal action by us to them, I have Internet in the front office and all except no landline. Guess the sales department forgot to include that, although I did see that on the order, a number appears , but no dial tone, and no landline. Okay then.

I have concluded that at least 80% of all things FakeBook, still has to do with drama. Its he said, she said, its relationships or lack thereof and the equal amount from fugdugly women who couldn’t get a date or a mate if their lives depended on it. Real he males don’t really care. If it don’t have to do with the Knytes and or the WolfPack, or things that burn fuel, and have tires or wings on it, I really don’t give a French frying frack. Once upon a time a FakeBook group or Page like Single women looking for riding partners might interest me. What I have found is, these kinds of pages/groups, are created by lonely women who are lonely by their own making. If your a tease, not to please then don’t include me in one of these. I’m set, I have my PoohBear, I was curious about one I had met through a dOterra Associate, that beyond applying that product got so close to my footsies it looked close to kissing them. Perhaps that’s innocent enough and might have been to check for glucose imbalance , but it was amorous enough to get me curious. But alas as many things are when it comes to women, it was more drama than substance. It just wasn’t worth the effort. Sure wndy is a neat gal, and someone I like as a friend, but she’s not in the market, and neither am I. In my world, I have but one woman and mate, LexiBelle, my tow truck all and everyone else is optional. Women have thrived on drama and rumors and gossip for the length of time. At the back fence hanging up wash, at the hair shops, as far as media? In the golden years, it was what we called Soap Operas, these were called such, as the laundry detergent companies sponsored em. In reality, it kept women entertained while women did what they were made for, take care of the house, the kids and rub the testicles of men when they got home from breaking rock at the stone qurries. Ever watch the Flintstones? Women do not have the right stuff to be in business. Yes they can take care of domestic things, but high powered, Earth changing decisions are best handled by those with semen flowing through the main vein. When my PoohBear calls me saying such things as, did you see what such and such said about you on FakeBook? While I do act like I care and am interested, in reality, unless it has to Club 81, our MC or our Flight Club, I don’t give a rats butt. Maybe the Punk that created FakeBook was hip on Drama, guess the grilling he got in DC and that has every Web media outfit from Gmail, to Google, to FakeBook, to Yahoo/AOL in a state of change was Drama enough for him. 

I will be on air L8R , need sleep.

Tune in on: http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf and on both KTOW FM 105.7 Hazzard Idaho, and KSOA AM 1240 Bear River City Wyoming.

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