To go or not to go? Which is more expensive? Oh and did anyone remember, Its my BIRTHDAY today?

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So after the battles of the day and facing still some serious challenges, I even with the 70 degree heat, took a long serious nap. For some reason, the only person wishing me Happy Birthday was my PoohBear Shelly. Few others even grunted. So after being aggressively reminded of my responsibility of my car payment coming due On both Monday and Tuesday and insurance I got to thinking, would it just be better to figure out how to go down to Etown and fetch my LexiBelle? Bring it home here, store it for a time for repairs down at Kathleen’s and just pay my bills, and stay put? Sure a washer and dryer is good, and a built in dishwasher and all those trimmings including high octane Internet is good too. But moving ? How much is that going to cost? Might be better to go fetch LexiBelle, render repairs and get this radio gig including but not limited to, my promises to Kathleen and family. I did get two omens, yesterday the fuss over the car payment, hope I can get that done by Monday, (Anyone want to pony up $260.00 as a birthday present?) and the fact that albeit few, I’m starting to catch tow calls. From road service clubs and insurance companies. For the past while been handing those off to my friend Charlie at A1, in Twin Falls, but what if I started accepting those calls at $80.00 a snag. Sure the radio gig and all generates money, but not near to the inquiries for tow and road service calls. Bottom line I go fetch LexiBelle, and stay put for another year. Finish the marrying thing with PoohBear then figure my next step. Of course, a day like today would not be complete, if I didn’t still think of the 3 times Wendy came over. Granted it was with Kathleen, and of course it had to do with dOterra. Be that as it is, even though it was for aroma thearapy, and all a pretty lady fondling MY feet when its usually the other way around, and the same lady inhailing my toes nearly kissing them, is in my opinion very intimate. Usually albeit my favorite flavor is the same thing on a lady in nylon hosiery, but still I keep picturing those few minutes of observing a sweet lady with her cute pug nose sniffing my toes. I’m sorry its one of those things. Wonder what the chance of me doing that to her in reverse? So in closing this morning, I’m staying put, going to figure out how and through whom I can get to help me fetch LexiBelle, and finish all what I started. Oh and yes on TV? Might can’t get cable anymore but found out, now with the Powr bill paid, thanks to Angie at South Central Action Partnerships(a dOterra client) and water bill satisfied, thanks to Bishop Egbert, all that’s left is car payment, and rent. Both I can do if I don’t spend money moving. After all wasn’t part of why I moved here to Wendell, due to some outstanding bills? Time to stop running . Now on to my secondary rant here.

The reason, I got so messed up money wise, is that mid month February, after I slimly qualified to go drive 18 wheels for SWIFT, I figured that by the first week, in March I’d be up at their school, and by now out chewing up pavement earning good money going trucking, but that got sidelined , got into radio, and into the enhancement of the CowSmith’s Band. So put off SWIFT until the first of April. OOps LexiBelle gets vandalized. Had all intentions of rolling east to deal with that, then entered Wendy, and dOterra and more of the CowSmith’s Band. Sidelined again, at least until June . But I’ll be John Brown if I sideline it again. Now one would think, that if I’m sidelining my career in Trucking, the CowSmith’s could help in the car payment and perhaps, the radio station expenses, even including but not limited to my rent. Sure I know they are not making big money, due to a creative difference between myself and them, and the male corpuscle there only makes a few bucks, driving school bus part time. Okay I dig that and a big family needs fed and such. I dig that too, but if there’s no extra, there especially on the dOterra thing, maybe what the Bishop said that the dOterra thing is a pipe dream, and that making money at least on my end is going trucking with SWIFT, that, may just be what needs to happen, so that’s May’s focus. Go get my DOT physical, take the pretest or written test, and go to SWIFT’s school. After all the foundation of the Knytes was to be a trucking organization, at least when it was reworked as what was then known as the only 4-H truck transportation project, as the TeenAge Truckers Association, may be time to revive that core . Any way and oh yes once again, did anyone even wish me a Happy Birthday? 

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