I nearly had my decision made whether to move or not move, until yesterday afternoon. And again did anyone remember it was my birthday yesterday?

AyreWolf Aviation Gazzette

cropped-knytewolf-radio-spreaker-banner.jpgkw block

With most of all those I hold close as friends and associates from Jonny to Rick, to a few others having my birthday being forgotten, is like standing in the check out line at the Walmart store with your zipper open and your package hanging out and no one even noticing or even caring. Okay then, My doTerra associate here remembered, and invited me to some feed for the local Priesthood members, I thought it was at the church itself, but it was at the Church park, where the heck is that? So after awhile and watching traffic and these kids on a motored skateboard I came home, snagged a beef TV dinner. Somewhere between that and just about air time I got bit by some sort of spider. Immediately I had a running body temprature of 104 degrees. Understand my immune system is not like others. My immune system…

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