Often wonder why things are the way they are? And if you were not here?

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Do you ever wonder why things are the way they are? Or if you hadn’t started a trend no matter how small if that trend would have become a trend at all? Example and I posted this elsewhere but the fact that I am in as my main gig of life in the towing or as one of my interns spelled it toewing, good young Emme from Gooding. Any mile, with my unquenchanable hunger for anything leggy , as far as ladies and all, that I’d be in a vocation with the word tow or for that matter toe in it? Consider that the one of the sub stations of then KTOW AM of Evanston Wyoming was next to a doctor whose main specialty was feet. Long before that and its not just me, somebody else came up with the concept of defining our profession through the view of feet mainly toes. In 1991 I stumbled upon a towing publication called PhooteNotes. Written from the real tow drivers point of view. One of my dreams was to always have LexiBelle pictured or featured in that publication. by the time I was able to do that the publication folded. Bought by TruckTrader Magazine, the title was reworked as simply TR FOOTNOTES, TR standing for Towing and Recovery.  Which also folded a few years ago, due in part to being idiots, and two, not featuring some of the Iron Knytes Towing Association’s members rigs or then even our radio network. Its not smart to piss off the Knytes. Then I think, what would have happened if the Knytes(Knights) had never been founded? The name came from the hit movie of 1980, called the Hollywood Knights and of course the Dukes-of-Hazzard. Combined makes the Hazzard County Knytes. I remember back in 1973/74 After a year or so, my parents and I went down to Utah for something. It was then, although we had somewhat of a neighborhood club, still my Mom, Dad, and Jonny sat down with me , and a few others at the then Holiday Inn in Ogden Utah. Since I had no real business acumen Jonny was requested by my parents was made President of what we called the Street Commanders Club, that eventually became the TeenAge Truckers Association and that evolved into the Hazzard County Knytes and so on. Jonny and I did just about everything. On Christmas mornings, Jonny was at our house seeing what super toys I had got for the holiday. Birthdays were the same way. If I got in a mess at school, especially with a bully, Jonny was there keeping the peace. I remember there was one, named Paul Vacca, I never found out what pissed Paul off, but I was really scared of this guy. Mom sat down with Jonny about it, Jonny talked with this Paul, and no more was heard about it. Oh and rides? Jonny’s mom had this 69 Camaro with red rimed tires, full rally cluster, hideaway headlights the works beautiful car. Then there was Jon’s 67 Shelby Mustang, GT 500 California Special. Sequenchle tail lights, 351 V8 that thing would cook. I remember one afternoon Jon and I pulled out his seats and put in this black/white fabric, looked like milk cow colors, but hey Jon loved it. Of all the cars that took my heart though was Correy Hansens 69 RoadRunner. 383V8, that thing had so much muscles you could drive it in the rain or on wet pavement. Never did find out what happened to it. Heard Lane one of our club members got it, then he got rid of it to go on some church gig. Of course for me the ultimate was my 70 Charger, now this is going to break hearts, but my General Lee was not the 69 year car. 440 TnT Engine, 13.5:1 Comp ratio, 411 gears that thing would do all of the 160 on the speedo, and then come back around half way back up. Coming home from the 81 AutoRama in Utah, Bro and I must have blew by and blew up more Utah Highway Patrol cars, none of them could keep up, oh and that thing of can beat the car but not the radio? Surprise , I had a slightly tweaked two way, and scanner in the old General, Couldn’t beat the radio of the cops, but I could out smart em. Then there was the year I fell in love with going towing. Half way between doing the cop thing, and driving truck. The first draggin wagon I got attatched to was this old Dodge, of a friend of my cousin Judy’s. He ran Steve’s Towing on Harrison in Ogden. He had two trucks, the Dodge, and a 5 ton Chevy. I nearly had those in the palm of my hands, and would have been thee only towing service in Hazzard(Hagerman) Idaho. But Cousin Bud kept convincing my mom no. Although Big Skipper said yes. Much of the mess of my Mom’s last years would have been better if Bud would have just went along. What did he think? That I was going to sell Life insurance in Hazzard? Skipper looked at it smart. Mom and Dad’s money supported the tow service, the tow service supported me and the Knytes were the foundation under it all. The other night in fact last night waiting for that fever to break so I could sleep, I was feeling blue about my birthday. The year before although it wasn’t much, but our member Nate in Evanston, before I got froggy and moved back here to western Idaho. Any mile last year, Nate took me to lunch at Sud’s Brothers, and bought me a roll of SKOAL, again not much but at least someone showed they cared. The Ward there bought me some candy, and a few items and brought it up and bought me a tank of gas. Again not much but at least they showed they cared. Here in Wendell, outside of one, not one person, said Happy Birthday. So I was feeling blue, and began to wonder, what if I were due to that fever or something, I were to just die? After all , I have done everything, been all too many places, seen all of both the Pacific coast, Oregon and Washington coast all of Idaho, all of Utah and all of Nevada, bout the only few western states I ain’t seen is Montana, Colorado. Been to Sturgis every year except the last 5, been to Daytona to the 500 as well as Daytona Bike week. had several dates with Michele Smith of American Thunder fame, so what if I just died? The Obit column saying 60 something Marine Dies due to neglect. But I have responsibilities. The Club, PoohBear, the radio gig, the CowSmiths Band and of course getting not only back on the air on radio, but back in the air flying again, before I keel off. But even with it all, female or other, it would have been nice to have had a bit of companionship Friday. 


I’ll be on air this afternoon if ole Bessie fires on all cylinders At 2:00PM on: http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf see ya’ll then.

My Samcro Toew Sigwolfs prayer

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