The Wasatch front, truly the great divide, and I’m still waiting for someone to show up and put her toes in nylon hose in my face, maybe elsewhere, just not in this place.

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Right before I engaged the idea of relocating here to dieing Wendell Idaho, my Bishop there in Evanston, and a few others in both Elders and High Priests said that the Church members in Idaho and Utah were much stranger and very different than those same counterparts in Wyoming. How could this be I thought? How could a group of Church members believing in the same basic teachings and gospel, be so different? But hey My former Bishop and Dave and Vern were all so right. Now this does not mean that I was so loved in Evanston’s Uinta View Ward either. I remember at least two Ward get togethers that I flat sat all alone, one I sat with the Bishop, but most I sat all by myself(hey it was home cooking, that didn’t cost me a fortune). However there were no Church members or anyone for that matter that thought I got my Jollies around children, in fact long before PoohBear there was one that was 17 or so, that I thought was much older and dressed kinda flirty, that caught my eye, and I mentioned it to Mark, who relayed my concerns to the parental unit of the gal in question. Beyond that, nobody in ETown even thought anything about leaving their younglings near or with me. Two were always at Rick & I’s Shop, one of which if music was playing would dance. Yet here that idea was brought into question. Thought folks here knew me much better than that, guess the Cub scouts with badges here were too new to know. Then I got to remembering, I was near this stage in 2013. When I relocated first to Ogden Utah it took me 1 year to dig out of a financial mess. Then found a  studio/office in Woods Cross Utah a sub of Bountiful Utah. Had nearly an entire floor, a web site company with all the geeky attributes. Had the Dumbo eared book-keeper told me that I had a mail box outside of my own that would have turned out much different, and something I’m going to bring up this next week when I breeze through there and back from on my way to Evanston. Any mile, I remember I stood on the catwalk between offices on that second floor and just looked over the city. I thought , I have made it, my radio station, in Metro-Utah, with mucho super babe interns. Who could want better? Had Woods Cross City P&Z stayed out of it I could have just made home there. But as it was had two choices, Tooele Utah with just a room, and/or a trailer that was billed as an apartment out in the middle of BFW. I moved to BFW. Through a series of events, I connected up with Mark, and that treasured Ward. Prayed for the Wentworth, and in time the shops and all the trimmings. Had I not had a serious case of nostalgia, and some legal matters that needed attention here in Western Idaho, I wouldn’t have made the move. With that said, the Sullivan Creek Ward of the LDS Church, was bad enough, their attitude, their disdain all of it was enough to have me call into question my Faith, or at least my inclusion and continued involvement in the Church. I had even thought of getting ex comminicated from the Church because of it. Mark and the Uinta View Ward in Wyoming changed my thinking and I wonder why other Church Wards can’t be that way. Wendell Idaho’s Ward is much different. Except for one lady and her family the rest of the members of the Ward, seem to circle the wagons every Sunday, when I walk in. And this is supposed to be Christ’s chosen people? Where? Seems west of the Wasatch Front, things are sweet, east of the Wasatch Front or what is called the Wasatch Back, is very kind, I can remember back in 2004 just shy of the freeze on assetts of the Montgomery Trust. During that court action no real money could be spent. Had it not been for the Knytes/WolfPack, and a few Church people my ass would have been grass. But I was residing in the tiny town of Morgan Utah. Your reading words from the only person in time that ever got an exotic dance license passed through the city council of Morgan Utah. We had a place and all the trimmings, had the Montgomery Trust not got frozen at the time, what was to be called the Sheep’s Pen aka Cooter’s Bar & Grill, of Morgan Utah would have been the gear head and aviators food and brew dream. But hey crap happens. But a bit off center here. During that time, I was struggling to unload things after moving into a duplex apartment there, when three members of the Elders of the Morgan Ward there showed up and helped. Dig this, I never had to ask. They just showed up. Makes one wonder that now that the General Authorities of the Church, are no longer doing home teaching how they going to know who in the Wards of the Church needs help? Seems here lately that the Church is like a dog chasing its tails. It has no real leadership. Those in charge have no clue, and it might be time to execute our plan C: That is the Amalgamated Church of Dixie. In defining that the Amalgamated Church of Dixie is simply what the LDS Church should be, but has fallen too far short. Nigh is the time. In closing, what I have found from this doTerra thing is this. Most of the product offerings are on the mark, yet my real conclusion is, much of it helps all of us unload our bowels. In essence all of us are very full of crap. Some of what we will be covering on the show starting at 08:00 AM Monday morning. On; 

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