What you used to do you can’t any more at least the same way, and what constitutes a intimate advance?

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What you used to do, you can’t do the same way today. Example; Used to be one of my interview techniques to see how open minded and spirited a new lady applicant for the radio station here, was to have them wear nylon hosiery and let me give a smooch to her toes. It was a continuation to a thing we started to enhance the concept of blending TOW and TOE. Any mile back in 2009/2010 it was permitted. Today, try that in an unscripted interview or audition, its adios to your station and career. However it seems these days, that the romantic advancement or being rather forward, depends on gender. If a male corpuscle busts a move on a woman its law suit or worse time. However if its a woman , no matter how innocent it may be nothing really would or will happen. Example a few weeks ago, this younger gal, comes over with a associate of mine, selling essential oils. She says take off my shoes and she’d oil up my feet. Hey I’m game, to a point. When she put my feet up against her nose and nearly kissed them, I wondered, if it was in reverse, would I be termed a perve? But it was okay that this gal did this to me. From the #metoo thing, to numerous advances any more women are making noise. Just last week, comedian Bill Cosby got hammered for messing with quite a few of his associates, although for the life of me can’t understand why old Bill would choose those skanks. I mean really, buttfugdugly. At least if your going to get a bit on the sly, at the office, do it with one that looks good. sexatery Kind of like President Clinton, with that Monica Lewinski. Again barf . Here’s the guy with finger on the red button, in his office and can’t find anything better? I mean sure Hilary wasn’t no beauty prize, but hey even she looked better than Monica. Even with all of that, and I don’t think I’ll be here long enough for this to happen again, but I can remember one I had in our studios in Rupert. Robin, after she caught that I loved the texture and aroma of hosiery that had been worn, would enter the studio and if was leaning back in my chair, she’d drape her stockings over my face in a teasing way and flirted. Then a few years ago, when I was in our studios in Utah, we had just started contract talks with a gal who did a human relations radio show. I talked to her, about my attraction. She told me there was nothing wrong with it, and although I was kidding, she really did send me a big envelope full of her well worn and lady scented stockings. Yet if such a request were to be made today to some entry level on air applicant, you’d be sued. Like I said what you could do yesterday, you can’t do the same way or even do today. Will be on air overnight at; http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 


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