Forgive them Kahless for they know not what they do

Hazzard County Knytes


Ever get the feeling that we are walking with too many neanderthals amongst us? Maybe its the Yankee thing , but I’m thinking its that our population has gone docile, and brain dead. Technology as well is not fully operational either. Consider that this morning after two Internet shut downs due to weather, I found my good SSI/Military pension came in as usual, funny PoohBear’s isn’t that on point, but that’s a story for another time. So I fire up the mini stallion and cruize to the Farmers National Bank, twice their ATM would dispense my money. So I came home looked online again, plenty in there. Finally went up to the other bank, and now car payment is in hand. Now just gotta get PoohBear’s in hand to do rent and cruize to Evanston. Okay then. With that done, went to register a couple of domain names, WordPress must…

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