The Final countdown of the final month, guess some folks can’t stand the smoke.

gazzette front gifTHE END OF DAY

Well its the final countdown of the final month of this nightmare called Wendell. Yep, a month from now this existence will be one of those things you wake up at night with go pee and go back to bed. I have tried everything from future equity based partnerships to gingerly hand holding of ignorant masses, yet as the prime directive says, when the people are to lack of teachable knowledge you must withdraw. And as such I am in the process. That said with car payment, and insurance plus other financial obligations I must ROS for yet another 2 or so weeks. But I’m going to search out that which I need, yet leaving things here intact. So then I went to rest so I can be spry for tonight’s venture on the bewitched airwaves, I was just about to encircle a planet system in my dreams when I got a text from the essential oils associate of mine saying that her underling was catching heat from some people. My first inquiry of this is; what people? That the underling was having a hard time, and worried about some problems with a rebellious offspring. Okay I too have had some serious problems of late. The vandalism and violation of my sweet LexiBelle, near loss of home, and car, not to mention spirit. All preventable had at the end of February into late March doing everything except doing my written test and DOT physical to go drive a rig for SWIFT. Of which by now I wouldn’t have had to go through the living hell that I have went through for two months. Now sure it was nice that my associate paid for the sign up on her VISA card, and coughed up $150.00 yet that don’t cut it. Sorry friends it costs money to run a radio station, and I remind them, it was they who said they could get some locals here to cough up $100.00 a piece to keep the fires lit. Yet I have seen zilch or near zilch. I’ll paraphraze a thing one of the Knytes once said, Cash, Gas or stash, no body rides this high octane canine for free. Not any more, lets call it green motivation. I only say that, because had I not taken this course of essential oils, and gone trucking, my jeans would have lotsa green in em, by now. Sorry honey , you may have stress , but you have no idea the stress I’m going through. What about making half my car payment of $250.00 or half my rent of $300.00 ? Thanks to Heavenly Father, South Central Community Partnerships, our local Bishop, all is okay, But I never saw anything from anybody else. Didn’t I swear to compensate you in the form of a treasured home in Utah, if you helped? The list is long, but I have been cussed out in MY home, baited in my home, made to think that something of a personal nature could happen when clearly, I’m just not Mormon enough. Sorry but I too am going through hell on Earth, but by months end that’s history. And so will be me in Western Idaho. 

See ya’ll on radio at midnight.


My Samcro Toew Sig1922236_419202004910486_2219887715918414992_n



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