Shuly they must be kidding. $10.00 an hour?

Hazzard County Knytes


Are they kidding? Saw a thing on some diesel wrenches group on FakeBook, some guy put this pic up on there with it saying that the pay is $10.00 an hour. Chute I have never worked for under $20.00 an hour and that includes towing. Today just towing, I’m at $80.00 an hour, plus tow fees. Yes most of my wages these days are going back into the Hazzard Syndicate Restoration Rebuilding Fund, but still this is what our nation is having troubles in wages and economy troubles from. Employers know that there are people so hungry that they’ll work for slave or even below slave wages, that if you go in and state flat as a applicant for a new job, even changing oil at Walmart, and demand a minimum of $20.00 you’ll never get hired. Forget your more intelligent and experienced than most of those applicants. Sure you…

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