What I saw and what was a mirage, but no substinence .

cropped-samcro-radio-logo.jpgradio journal So I got my check on time and waited most of the day on the 1st for PoohBears contribution. So went to tap my check from the ATM tree at Farmers Bank, guess what, Farmers ATM has issues with the bank in Etown. So with that checked up at USA Bank here in Wendell, card worked like a charm. So 475.00 car was paid for, about the time PoohBears contribution got put in , at 13:00 i boogied to Wally-World snagged that and off to good old Etown. Got there smashed, so checked in at the Motel-6 there. $65.00 later and trucked out to LexiBelle. LexiBelle is injured but not that bad, the fact the key is lost and battery shot, She was right there when I needed her. She needs a rewire of what I did, but its pretty much easy doings. The question now is do I bust a move or continue to groove right here and finish what I started here with the Radio network, the CowSmith’s and all of that? After all, albeit small, I am bringing together a good group, of a supporting crew here out west in Wendell. One of the things that both places have is a good sit down home cooking all spuds and meat cafe or such place that is open 24/7. Sure its not towing, radio, or flying, but truckers, and night shift people need something besides a Pizza joint, and or Subway to eat. Sure Jodies, is there in Etown, and if she was open 24/7 she’d make good money, considering the Pilot Travel Plaza is just 6 blocks up the street. Here in Wendell you have two choices, drive 40 miles round trip to Twin Falls to a Denny’s that to date doesn’t have their environmental system in good shape, real hot summer months its good winter cold is not when you need air Conditioning. The only other choice is the Depot Grill, which used to be good, during the day not bad, but the night crew has pretty much went to the toilet. If your not going there, its Ziggy’s in Bliss. Great if your just wanting a burger and fries, serious food? Forget it. The old Oxbow ain’t bad, but out of those two, no good. So you go to Simerly’s here in Wendell, before they close or the Maverick. So thinking, in both locations, put up a serious mom and pop eat-em up, and let that be a daily money maker. 

Rick kept telling me how great the town is starting to get in gear in Etown. What I saw is, its the same thing, just a different year. Sure two new used car dealers, but not much else. Property values have gone up, but wages haven’t and jobs , real jobs haven’t increased. Sure some oil wells are retooling for refire, but that is at best 5 years or better in the future. Over the past few years, its been at least with me, is when things got a bit muddy, I’d turn tail and leave. Sure I have neighbors that would cheer if I left. However I have a great landlord that I can work with, expenses are within some reason now and my best revenge is rather than give in to the few that would love me to leave is stand up, dig in my heels and stay building what I started, and finish it, as well as opening what I will call; Cooter’s Grill. Have the location picked now just need to nose out the owners. While vegence is the Lord’s, still; Success is the greatest Revenge. I came back to my home land with a plan, I am going to finish it, even though there are some that don’t understand. Besides I relish the 10 to 15 degrees warmer, weather here in Wendell. I nearly froze last night in Etown. Last here. Even with only one channel here where I reside to watch on TV, I took a minor gander of the offerings on Cable there in Etown. Even the Disney Channel hasn’t gotten any better. LaffTV is still running the same junk, Satellite might be good, but is that yet, any better than two channels that show something you can learn something from? Or 800 channels that have yet to find some viewership? Much less quality. 

See ya’ll for sure on air noon on http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 


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