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As you may have noticed , I was not on air overnight. Mind wanted to, but body said no. But this goes beyond that. The Knytes-of-Dixie have concluded its time for a restructure and rebuild of our media empire.

As you may or may not have known, both KTOW FM and KSOA AM got our FCC license suspended until Sptember 2019 due to lack of on air hours. We just have not ran constantly enough to impress the Feds. Thus we operate online on and on even then I have to run in off hours when most folks are sawing logs in their beds and not online. No matter how much or really at this time I pay getting a fully dedicated communications line is not possible at least in rural Wendell Idaho and not much albeit a little over fiber optic in Evanston. Even with a equal up down mbps connection on the radio line, still during the day I have to share bandwidth with all the main street business’s. From Farmers Bank to the Maverick we are on the same trunk line. So days don’t work, and nights are the time I’m on air at least online. With all that said. The Knytes-of-Dixie agree that a rework of the stl line is needed to go over the terrestrial airwaves. So plan is install the op in either Buhl or Filer Idaho, with a small remote studio, and do likewise in Evanston Wyoming, with the main studio in or near metro Utah aka Salt Lake City. As far as me, due to the nature of my health and reduction of stress, by Doc Nafziger, I was ordered to hire two High Council administrative directors. One for western Idaho and one for Evanston Wyoming. Sounds easy , but the applicant should and I don’t like hiring guys, so the applicant should be a female, that has some level of understanding of working around us biker type people, and understands the 1% Outlaw Biker culture. The reasons are simple on the female side, as a gal will and can recruit other women to be on air talent, easier than I or other male members of the club. Now $30.00 an hour and that is paid by the Knytes, not out of my pocket, but $30.00 an hour don’t sound like much, but its a good start. Of course training is needed but the female applicant should have clerical skills, on air and or broadcast skills, including older as well as newer computer systems. Some sales and managerial skills are needed as well. I made a vow in 1976, at a general membership meeting in Hazzard, Idaho. That went if I ever pull the key, although the key got lost and can be replaced, but if I ever stopped riding, towing, or trucking that I would surrender my officers commission in the club and just recede into standard membership status. After all this time I’ll be damned if I surrender my officership commission . This means for the next 8 or so months of this year into next year as we rebuild the radio/media operation, I too am bound by at least ethics and honor, to rebuild , SAMCRO TOEW(ing) Hazzard County Choppers, and of course HazzardAyre Aviation. So even if I’m not on online radio I will be there when I can, and do the quality programming that earned HazzardAyre Radio and all our shows numerous awards. You will be informed right here on this website news forum every day as to what we are doing. So catch me this afternoon starting at 6:00PM Mountain Standard time on: and on weekednds at 

See ya’ll then. 

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