doTerra fact or fiction and is it for you?

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0319080203 is it right for you? That’s a question, and it depends on your gender. It’s a product or group of products that is more directed towards women, than men. Add to that its more of a woman’s gig than men to sell the product. Granted the oils, are sold by on the majority are peddled by women. That said us male corpuscles can use and even sell these essential oils. They, do make a difference in your health, plus many of these essential oils can reduce your stress levels. Decreases need for feed, if your like me and work in harsh environments, like mechanics , agriculture, or even towing and your hands get all red , dry and cracked these essential healing oils can really heal those hands and make em as soft as a baby’s butt. Now in fairness I will tell you that there are certain areas of your body, even thinned out with water you DO NOT want some of these oils to get near, like your nuts or penius. Why? the oils are so concentrated they will burn. That said these things work. That said marketing and distribution of doTerra is a bit fuzzy. Yes; there are 4 major law suits pending against doTerra, on marketing and some side effects of the product on some people for certain conditions. However as for me I like the product. And I will continue to both sell the product through the Knytes Emporium Stores as well as use these products, I’m really hooked on 4 of them, the Cedarwood is good for topical treatment and stress reduction, Tangerine oil is good for flavoring of food, dry skin and muscle relaxer. Lemon is great in tea, coffee, and flavoring of your favorite barley pop. Blue is good in your bath, and softens hair. There are others but if you want to find out more contact me either by phone or email. 

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