Ring girls on MMM fight shows still gets me steamy. Will be on air late big Bessie computer having issues.

gazzette front giftalking toew preview

While old Bessie is going through a 3rd diagnostic, and some other IT Tech issues lets get into what I’ll be howling about on the morning show, since Church is off the table Sunday. Saying that, Kathleen’s sister brought by a picture of fresh none processed milk. I love that, especially if its got the thick cream on top. Yumm. Love it on my cereal in the mornings and on strawberry’s. 

Why is it that if your better half sends you on your FB page a pic of a gal for you to consider for your website’s cover girl, that if that pic causes you to elevate your senses, that she get’s pissed? Its like giving a kid some taffy candy and saying , ” Don’t eat it”. Or telling you to not drive his hot rod, if he leaves it for you to care for. Of course your going to want to take it around the block. Or if you go into a store, and a hot babe walks by, and has some sweet perfume on, and you say something like, ” My she smells good” most guys will say something like, “The bread really smells good” But your lady knows better and replies, ” Does she smell better than me?” Or, ” Well go smell her then, but don’t tell me about it when you get home” Its the two bowls, Two cats and the same thing in both bowls. If you put two bowls of food, on the floor in two different bowls , with two cats, both will want to eat out of the one bowl. Neither cat wants to miss out on the same thing that the other cat is getting. In human culture, if your single and always alone, you wont get much from women except a occassional howdy. However if your seen with or are with a gal with just a bit of eye candy, every woman there wants a taste of you. Science has determined that women, have a smell sense quite acute. Nothing will excite or turn on another woman, like the scent of another woman. Usually vaginal smells, but a woman’s scent. Forget the smeared lipstick, forget the strange perfume, get a woman to rub herself on you and walk into a social establishment, beit a bar, cafe anywhere, and I will guarantee your the target of many women in there. The other bait? Where a wedding ring into bar. Watch how fast the main center of focus by all the filly’s in there is on you. Of course you can always tell when its been a long cold winter. Look at how many , especially Churchy women have newborns or are about to. Funny though even if they have dropped their newborn, they still wear those PG pajama tops, and still carry the baby weight. I saw this Friday night at this thing for doTerra. There wasn’t one skinny well put together woman in there. Except for Kathleen, and this one nightmarish gal who was aiding the gal presenting the training session. I say nightmarish, because it would be a nightmare to be connected to that lady. If sho got piss’d or Mother Nature invaded I’d not want to be in that house. Too many women boss their men, when in reality its man is or should be in charge or it be equal, not one Lording it over the other. Its a patriarcle thing, the way God intended it. In all my childhood years, I never saw except maybe 3 times my mom or dad fight or raise their voice at each other. If there was contention in something at home, mom and dad would sit down, split a can of Olympia beer into two glasses and quietly talk about it. The best example of creating something from nothing, at least the empire My Mom and Dad created is they worked together. Splitting every bit of income they had towards their common goal, in our case was a ranch and a home that still even today even with the modifications that would make my parents steaming mad, that house is still 40 or better years ahead of its time. This is something I’ve been trying for the last three years to get into PoohBears head. Even with the final release albeit not all of what I lost, but with the final release of the funds of the Montgomery Trust being placed in my hands, as it is sometime this fall still PoohBear and I will be starting from near scratch to build a life together. While there has been a few others over that same time frame that has caught my eye, PoohBear has been loyal, dedicated and trustworthy . I truly love my PoohBear, by mid September, her and I will be hitched, and the new chapter of an old book will be written. With that said, and the pending action of the Knytes/WolfPack about to place me in the place of President, duties of that include, but not limited to both scouting and auditioning and interviewing new eye candy talent for the visuals, videos and magazine covers to name a few. Like I’ve told PoohBear, I may work with them during the day, but I’m with PoohBear at night. Working with women in a theatrical, or dramatic role requires and even more so today, the need not to get romanticly attached to a talent. Once you get attached all measure of authority gets lost. Its the Pusswhipped thing. Once you jump off the I’m the boss, your the employee train, is when everything begins to spoil. Its the you the slave, I’m the Master thing, once you loose that, whatever project is kaput. That becomes a challenge for some talent, and they relish in it and even though they realize there’s no long term thing to be gained, most hot flesh will use what they have to invade the hubby/wife relationship. Again its the two bowls, two cats same food thing. 

Any mile will be on air at around 08:00 if the big Bessie Computer get healed. Tune in on: http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf and look for the Talking Toew banner. TTyL 

My Samcro Toew Sig 

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