Just once wouldn’t you love to hear someone departing a TV stations news department tell the truth?

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Looks like another KMVT Channel 11 news person is heading east. Amy Reid is heading to a station in Wisconsin. We here at KTOW wish her well. With that said , I’d like to hear just once from one of those departing the real truth, as in, the Tight wads at KMVT couldn’t pay her enough to retain her, and so she’s looking for greener pastures. I heard afterwerds that’s what happened amongst the sexual abuse by the lead news male there is why Michelle Darcy split. Too bad Amy didn’t take us up on our offer a few months back. When it comes to progress and retention of business SouthernSteele Media the parent of HazzardAyre, Maximum Overdrive etc, seems to have the right glue. Maybe that’s because we don’t pull no punches. We go for the juggler and don’t back down, at least not often. But like Amy, we too are leaving the area. We haven’t made enough green to sustain operations, the tech requirements are just not here. Seems I spend more time working on computer systems rather than producing quality radio and TV. Guess I should have expected that going from a population of 20,000 in Evanston, to one of 5,000 in both Wendell, Hagerman, and Gooding, would present a challenge, but certainly not to the degree we have had to endure. Although a short few at CenturyLink and all have tried to make all this work, since the larger system was installed it never has worked right. The system in the front office is WAY TO SLOW to do anything substantial, and so I made the decision at the end of last month that its time to pack up the truck and exit. The full departure will be July sometime, but, after having to rake out $475.00 for a car payment, nearly $550.00 and still facing a $200.00 water bill again. The town is showing me the exit light and I’m not waiting for the door to hit me in the butt. 

Talk at ya here later today if I can, big sweat now is getting my cell phone bill paid, today.

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