Monday Monday they can have it back and can I go take a nap now?

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So got off the air at the right time, rubbed myself down wo doTerra Cedarwood and Basil. Was just climbing into bed, when here comes Kathleen. So we chatted for a short spell, and I’m now ready for sleep, but nope. Kath, her bubby and offspring show up to mow the lawn. So stayed awake for that to conclude. So grabbed some cookie and milk, and decided to flip on ole Bessie to get her warmed up for tonights show. But oops, old Bessie wont boot. Old Bessie needed a start up repair. So went in got an old file disc, out of the bin, but still need good Steve to drop by with a Win 7 boot disc. Okay then; The phone has been ringing none stop. Got Verizon to extend my service until the 20th so good there for now. Word of advice for those using doTerra, at least male corpuscles. If you have to to pee after or shortly after applying any of the oils, do not touch before washing down your hands your male equipment. Failure to heed this warning will make you hop around like a jumping bean. These oils are so concentrated that while they do ease pain and all elsewhere, touching your privates with it on hour hands/fingers, will cause syllables to udder from your mouth. As far as ole Bessie, got her running, just have no idea if she’s going to freeze or do a screen freeze. Could sure use that newer unit, Steve is building. On the water bill front. Contacted city hall, they goofed its only the standard $80.00 . As for me, sticking computer or not, I need sleep. Oh thanks to Kathleen and family for scalping my lawn, If at all possible will see rather be on air at 00:00 hours, on: 


My Samcro Toew Sig my end

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