CB Radios to Computers, dangling heels to the Holy Scriptures and overnight off air due to computer problems Time to hire a IT Pro.

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If your a people person anywhere over 30 years old and a prisoner of the road you no doubt remember the good old CB Radio. In reality not so old they are still sold and rank up there with the original social media device. However if something went wrong, it took lots of digging to find someone, anyone with any degree of knowledge to repair it at a reasonable cost. Today its computers. In these days if your computer goes down especially in mass form including two of them near the same time, finding anyone with expert knowledge especially a computer that handles broadcast or media traffic to intercede and repair the system. 

After I finally worked around a system meltdown earlier this evening and hinting at Kathleen’s hubby Steve to roll over and get involved in the restoration and repair of our antiquated system. I hold onto Win-7 because of about 3 programs that WIN-7 supports that got trashed on Win-8 and 10. Those being Sound Recorder and Google Desktop. Sound Recorder is handy for me since I can download newscasts and programming without having to pay much if anything at all. Sound Recorder is different that Voice Recorder. Voice Recorder only records bits, not volumes. Sound Recorder will record and file hours of music and programming. As far as Google Desktop. Google Desktop, has a window pane that shows RSS feeds as far as news headlines and happeinings. Unfortunately this is a utility that Google canned and also was not offered by Microsoft in Windows 10. Windows 7 allows me to watch videos on FB, where as Windows 10 does not, and the answer to your next question, as soon as I can locate a legal version of 7 Pro , Win-10 on my mini computer gets canned. Needless to say yesterday was in many ways was the toilet. Okay then. I remember there was this CB shop across the street from the hospital in Jerome, just a few years ago, Was called Big Daddy’s CB Shop. Now old Big Daddy was an expert as far as cb radios. He could match up a communications system really well. If you had a CB problem, Daddy’s was the go to place. However in Daddy’s declining years he had a rather foxy wife, who loved to tease. She too had seriously hot legs. She would sit on a elevated bar stool and dangle;445798_08bigher heels right in front of you. I had too much respect for Big D, to partake but I knew many who did. Which brings me to my final here this morning. In the times of the walk of Jesus Christ, or even the ancient Prophets of the Book Of Mormon, were there women who wore such things as albeit more likely silk rather than nylon, since nylon was a invention of Dupont Company in the early 1930’s to mid 40’s, and what we call Pantyhose did come around until the late 1960’s. That said were there silky stockings and such in the ancient times? We read of many outreaches of foot fetish worship in both the Bible as well as Book of Mormon, but were there such silky tantilyzing forms of leg wear , worn by women to entice men? If so why or where is talked or written about. If not why? Such things as makeup, eye liner, and such were around , so was silky stockings? 

So in closing, why would the CowSmith’s Father want to help me with the computer stuff? Simple the more able I am the more productive I can be to help their family music enterprise, more over and its now just a month or two, when the big green from the Montgomery Trust arrives, the more I remember the promise of the gift that allows them to buy that dream house near Heber Utah. As I close, and I’ll get into this next time much deeper, but to date; there is not a recorded record, of the amount of time as far as duration, of how long with few if any breaks, that a male corpuscle can kiss near none stop, a lady’s toes in nylon hose against his nose. Why does this matter? Consider our bit for scrunching the words TOW and TOE together to come up with the word TOEW. Since I tow Lexi2 as my main gig in life, in 2009 Nurse GoodBody and I came up with the idea of a pic that simply meant I love to tow. So we said we love toews. The pic looked like this;erin n menow so not to seam too indulgent we thought we’d stage a endurance project where I’d kiss a womans stinky nylon toes in a venue like the fair near Twin Falls etc, and set a record. More over get people to pledge money for each hour I could maintain that endeavor and donate to charity, such as the Miracle Hospitals, and/or the Shriners hospital. Welll  we never got that done and Nurse GoodBody is no longer able to do that with family commitments, So we are going to begin scouting for a size 5 or smaller foot , tiny toes and with a rebel spirit, to do the infamous toew smooch for Charity. Details Tuesday night. 

See ya’ll at noon on http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 

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