Let’s not forget the Deere Dazzlerz.

One of our members of the Knytes was doing a nostalgia trance thing and said what did or how is the Deere Dazzlerz Association? The answer still doing fine and still backed very solid by Deere and Company. The Deere Dazzlerz was started in 1998 somewhere. Even before the official formation, of the organization sub of the Knytes-of-Dixie dedicated to the restoration etc of old John Deere iron, I got involved when in need of some touch up paint for LexiBelle, went to a Deere dealership in Murry Utah, where in by I got to chatting with then head coach of the famous Utah Jazz, of which Jerry Sloan was into restoring old Deere iron. Several conversations later and a load of support cash from Jerry’s boss Larry H Miller and in 1998 the Deere Dazzlerz Association was born. I had created what was a sort of Deere shrine. in 2001 put it aside and was all things heavy and light truck. In 2004 when I first moved to Evanston and met and formed a friendship with our member Nate, there was a gap in the service and repair network of Deere equipment. Seemed only one that was GOA most of the time was none existant. That and the fact I tuned in on a gossip session at a Deere dealership in Tremonton Utah saying they always had to go to Evanston than there was no service shop there. So in amongst the opening of what we called the Rat Shaq we Nate and I opened a shop called the Farm Shop. A custom and restoration shop for old Deere iron. However over time we did do much in the way of service work on anything green. In 2006 the Deere Dazzlerz Association got its national certification charter. Even going back to the early days, there was a very solid reason that our NASCAR truck series team was named Dixie-Deere Racing. 

While its always great and good to look and plan ahead,as its been said better by others than I, to know where your going, you have to remember where you have been. In closing the Deere-Dazzlerz are fine and fully oprtational. Oh and yes I still love anything John Deere Green.

Lexi2My Samcro Toew Sig

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