It ain’t your Old Web


The one thing you learn quick now days, that what was good about the old Web, ain’t good today in fact your damn lucky if the New Web is going to be any better. Consider the concept of all the abductions of content, hacking, and so on. Makes one wonder if what we are seeing is a melt down of consumer computering and the death of PC’s all together. I was asked the other day, by a Cell phone company why I never have up graded to a Smartphone. Reason, my old near analog phone does what its supposed to, allows me to make and get phone calls, and occassionally take a photo. Past that if I need to do computer things, I’ll buy or get to a computer. I read every day from all too many how their Smartphones are getting hacked, content stolen , ID theft and so on. This is not for me. Any way we are in studio, doing my show. Have to record it now instead of the LIVE content I used to do. Reason, good old CenturyLink just does not have the pipeline large enough to enable the amount of metadata to flow fast enough. More on that in the AM after my show.

My Samcro Toew SigSamcro patch

rebel butt

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